Vented Motorcycle Jackets: Protected and Cool in Summer

No rain or cold, summer favours the enjoyment on two wheels. Asphalt grab better than at other stations and the only concern is when you going to stop to hydrate you. That Yes: do not forget a perforated jacket or sudarás more than necessary. What to keep in mind to succeed with the best choice? Follow our advice.

This is the era in which everyone seems to fit, even those that have had your bike in the garage untouched for the rest of the year. Many of these users think, by the fact that it does not cool, don’t need any type protection jacket, jacket or something. You, that you are a reader of, is more than likely that you do not belong only to this group of “Biker’s summer”, but you can that you fall into the trap of, even on a short tour, go on short sleeve or simply with a waistcoat without protections. I don’t have or that remind you that this is a big mistake , I admit, is sometimes difficult to let commit, especially when the temperature rises much, much.

However, long marks been invented the veritable “Holy Grail” to combine protection with ventilation in such a way that you can go with a good kit without toasting you heat.

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The idea

As you deducirás, this “Holy Grail” are the garments with mesh or perforated, but now are called ventilated. The truth is that it is nothing new in the world of sports (the marathoners used t-shirts in grid from almost the first Olympic Games to increase the area of sweep of air over the skin and cooled) nor in the motorcycle, because a long time ago that there are jackets and perforated leather overalls according to gametate when heat up excessively in the circuit.

Ventilated garments were invented it some time ago, but technology has allowed to develop increasingly effective products

The idea of this is that you can imagine. Or is, that by the “holes” between the stream of air that creates the speed that going and reduce the temperature of the skin that goes inside.

The problem is that leather tends to heat up much in summer , and for a road or recreational use (circuit assumes that you will all the time at high speed and, therefore, always enjoy a good stream of air) has quite a few disadvantages because there are traffic jams, long trips in which you can not stop, etc… But it can also occur otherwise: if low temperature during use (for the night in montana, for example), the leather is not a good thermal insulator , and the temperature can get to descend to be uncomfortable.

So, had to find a solution that combines the necessary protection in a motorcycle garment and ventilation for use in summer, and if managed to pass more lightness and flexibility, then much better. Leather, certainly not light or flexible, and also tends to win stiff over time. It therefore had to design and manufacture a garment waterproof, comfortable, and which had the same resistance that had up to that time, but with the ventilation to the terrible heat of the summer.