Vintage Black Dress With White and Orange Flowers

Today, we talk about a 1930s dress in a very elegant print with white and orange flowers on a black background.

Vintage Black Dress With White and Orange Flowers

The dress is the all-new model which has roared by 100% cotton, both at the top and as a petticoat with tulle hem.
This means that the dress in itself allows the full skirt to be expressed-and you do not buy a separate tulle thus driven to this model.

When you look at the size you should notice that the dress is rather addressed in heavy Cotton satin with stretch. But the liner is made of 100% cotton with no stretch. It therefore cannot give it, you fall between two sizes, you should choose the great above the small.

The dress is designed for a woman with curves.
It has a very suitable frame neckline that frame the bust on the best looking show.
The broad waist pieces sits relatively high and ensure a good fit.
And the calves in the skirt makes the dress falls really nice. For more, visit