Vintage Clothes

What’s Vintage Fashion?

As Vintage Fashion besides garments and vintage (vintage cars), old furniture and musical instruments are called. A distinction “in old” cope trimmed pieces between models of old epochs and. This may be, for. Example, clothes from the period 1930-1970. Vintage fashion thus includes many different eras and is nowadays often called a retro look. The old garments in Charleston style come just as again stand out as the dotted Rockabilly dresses of the 60s or the flowery garments of the 70s. Because Vintage Fashion includes many different sectional shapes, it is suitable for almost every wearer and every carrier.

Features of Vintage Fashion

Vintage Clothes

In vintage fashion, there are not only old pieces. Frequently, garments, but also musical instruments, artificially “aged”. In the fashion that is quite simple: jeans are bleached by chemical substances or there are artificial tears and holes introduced. Also sweaters are deliberately destroyed, so that they look like ads. Threadbare points are deliberate, as in leather jackets an abrasion layer artificially produced. This is also known as distressed or aged effect. The footwear supplements this with the antique look, the leather is artificially aged and aged.

While leather jackets and shoes are “only” aged, it comes to jeans neatly at the collar. Scissors and metal, roller, staining and destaining and tear are in the foreground. The more torn are garments, the cooler they act.

Useful tips

Vintage fashion fits very well with people who tattoos and piercings like. Here the so-called “proletarianization” of fashion is proving very popular. For ripped jeans a faded, washed-out T-shirt is worn, perhaps as a tattoo motif. The clothes are not “cheap”, but more reminiscent of noble quality designer pieces, only that these were just destroyed.

The garments can be washed without any problems. One must not make sure that they do not fade even more, still happens when washing anything in holes and cracks. However, the vintage style looks best in young people. People who are out of the “rebellious” age out, should have recourse to “more serious” fashion perhaps more. But for all teenagers who do not want such ausschauen their parents, the cheeky and hip vintage fashion is just right.