Vintage Formal Dress Purchasing Guides

Black evening dress with turtleneck

Manufactured by INTERNETAGES in a lightweight and soft jersey quality, really nice to wear.
The dress has long sleeves and a nice Turtleneck in double layers that fall loosely and nicely.
The dress has A easy manner and it goes to the right around the knee. A simple dress that is is just going to jump in with a pair of leggings or tights underneath. The dress from Juna rose is also available in a beautiful plain Jane color.

Dress with black and white graphic pattern and pocket

Beauty black formal dress with a nice graphic pattern on front piece/hvidt black.

The pattern runs into an alley in the middle of the front piece with solid color black on the sides. This makes that the body comes to seem narrower.

The dress has a very Feast your eyes on a v-neck and 3/4 sleeves. A classic INTERNETAGES detail is the fine Pocket that sits slightly tilted and which closes with a small metal button.

The dress has been addressed in a delicious heavy viscose quality, so it is really nice on the body and it feels incredibly lovely to wear.

Vintage 60s dress with black lace print on a white background

Nice classic dress with beautiful black lace pattern. Blonden is printed on so the dress is not transparent. It is produced in a heavy cotton quality with a bit of stretch.

The dress has an elegant high-neck front and a nice V-cutout on the back, where the dress closes with a hidden zipper.

The length is to the knees and the skirt has a broad reach. Pictures are used from INTERNETAGES on a tulle run under, for highlighting the volume of the skirt, but the dress can easily be used without. The dress goes into the waist and have a nice Ribbon to tie at the back.

Vintage 60s Dress