Vintage Kids Fashion

The idea, which had 2 Berlin families there, is not quite new, but simply brilliant implemented in this form. Our site talk certainly countless parents in two respects from the soul with their shop. Where they usually only a few wash and dry course endured about themselves be mountains of great children’s clothing, from which the dwarves out are grown often so quickly and are therefore still in top condition? And on the other hand repeatedly buy-it should be chic and fit must es-and all of a sudden, sustainability has become an issue. You think about children’s clothing over the huge mountains, must-once produced and transported often for a rather short life. Thus was born the idea of the online shop for good used children’s clothing.

Made easy
Prinzig of the shop is simple-buy used children’s clothing and sell-and so is also the design and management of the shop. One logs on and sets up an account, where the money for the children’s clothing can be transferred. A uniform delivery is available for the fast and free download. In these, it enlists all the parts that have become expendable, enters the price you would like to achieve, and sends him along with the package clothing at the address of vintage kids. Everything else is taken there. Everything from vintage kids is being developed by the photography of the garments to work out a profile, the setting for the sale and shipment. For a fee in the amount of 35% of the sales proceeds is calculated and you can sit back in silence and wait for the cash receipt. This is collected on the respective account and transferred respectively to the end of the month after sale of the clothing. It couldn’t be easier!

Just saved
In the online shop at VINTAGESFINDER.COM, you will also find a wide selection of great, cheap, vintage children’s clothing for little money. Brands like Oilily, S’oliver, Zara u.vm. to get there just as cheap as holiday clothing, which in fact often only once. Unnecessarily burden why spend lot of money and the Umwlet? The creative young entrepreneurs on the flags have written “We love nature” and this is another aspect of the ingenious system, not to unterschätzender.

And when once something is not sold? Our site also offers two solutions: either the goods will be sent kostenflichtig back or donated to help needy families. A coherent concept!