Wear Lingerie to Shape Your Body

Corrective dress does a great concealing lingerie, which put in its formal or casual outfit. Matter of all these secret weapons is “breathable”, so there is no danger of unpleasant sweating.

There is also a corrective ladies pants who successfully fight the orange skin and cellulite. They are proven to increase circulation. Tighten and visually reduce the circumference of your hips at the moment.

You can stop and corrective skirt. This option is especially recommended if you wear straight skirts on the body. This will look flawless.

The correction ladies vest also tightens and transforms upper body. Especially suitable for women with problems in the area of the breast where the skin stand granted.

The correction corset is also optimal. Transforms instantly with minimal effort on your part. It tummy disappears for a second and can proudly wear your favorite dress.

White, black and ecru are timeless colors for this special underwear. So this “second skin” an integral part of our toilet that it dramatically changed.

Take advantage of the reduction of Ivon and take care of your figure. Extremely wide variety of products with proven quality will only find here. Save and take something so necessary for a woman’s wardrobe. This will be weaker, more beautiful and you will have much more confidence!