Wearing a Shirt Like a Dress

Surely in the wardrobe of any modern fashion is special place for stylish shirts. In the end, this versatile item of clothing can be combined with any style and blend in with almost any clothes. However, despite the simplicity of using blouses does not hurt to know how to wear it.
Modern stylists spend three modern way by wearing a shirt. Season with shirt at the bottom of the closet. This method is suitable girls with perfect proportions, there will be flaws in the waist and hips. Tucking shirt, visually highlight the line from waist to bedrennogo it. The second way, dressed in a chemise to leave the last button undone and all polochek tie a tight knot. This is a more youthful version of wearing shirts. His choice, try to tie the knot is a little closer to the thigh. If the unit still turned out in the middle, then better to straighten edges. The latter method is considered vintage shirts when vыpravlena the bottom wardrobe. This option is ideal as thin girls and ladies with lavish thighs.

How to Wear a Shirt?

Choosing a way of wearing a shirt should be given style, and that you’re below it not. If you like answers shirt, they better wear this skirt. Especially if you have an office or a denim shirt. The case most suitable will be gender-case or sun-clash. But if the question is what to wear ensure a long shirt, stylists recommend to stop his trousers. Not worth being pulled in this case sex. Ultimately longer shirts are worn on top of the bottom of the closet. With such sex shirts look ridiculous. Besides pants can be worn under a long shirt, shorts, jeans or pants. And to keep femininity way you will help the stylish accessories.

Long Shirt for Women