Wedding Dresses: How Have Changed Over The Years?

Since in 1840 Victoria of England married dressed in whiteQueen, this color became the most popular among brides of the West. However, although this tone has remained over the decades, the dresses have changed… and a lot of it! Discover here how it was the bridal fashion of other centuries and decades.


Dominated the skirts panties, ultra tight corsets and long sleeves or short with features. At this time he was born today called cut Princess, popularized by designers like Elie Saab. Dresses complemented with long veils and hair was worn short tight waves.


The bulky skirts gave way to straight and simple lines. Ornaments, inspired by Art Deco, were also simple and had some touches of lace. The fashion accessory was a small hat type hat, carrying a long veil attached. Conservative necklines and long sleeves were dominated by.


The giant ramos became fashionable, as did the crowns of flowers. At this time was also popularized a less conservative look, now known as “Great Gatsby”: played with feathers and pearls, fringes and smooth lines.


At this time there is a defined style: to be experienced the Great depression, a period of intense crisis, many brides wore the same wedding dress than their mothers. Most of the dresses were made of rayon, a significantly cheaper fabric that silk. Used applications of Rhinestones, long and voluminous veils and waves in the hair.


It was born a bet less classic among brides. Skirts panties fell out of the bridal scene, and headdresses with veils again made their appearance.


Voluminous dresses made his triumphant return. Long and short veils were used, and hair was with big waves. This extremely conservative look is complemented by small bouquets.


This was a time marked by the luxury and the elegance. They used to wear veils that covered whole face, and silk or lace gloves developed in a must. Most of the dresses were long sleeve.Heart-shaped neckline was popularized by Elizabeth Taylor, who used it in the movie Father of the bride. They began to wear dresses to knee height.


Dresses with skirts cut just below the knee and panties became fashionable among brides more fashion.Said they used them as well to show their expensive shoes. Short veils or small hats were used. This was a style popularized by Audrey Hepburn.


Began to use three-fourths sleeves belts slim at the waist and long gloves. The look is complemented with a voluminous medium veil and a small bouquet.


Again, panties skirts disappeared from the bridal scene. Became popular lace; long and wide sleeves either, sleeveless dresses were used. Among the hippies brides were fashion wreaths, a look that recovers today the boho chic style. Also popularized the so-called draped look, that which is reminiscent of a Greek goddess, wrapped in a blanket.


The 1980s were marked by Cathedral veils, lace edges, sleeves bombachas and giant bouquets. The dress of Lady Di was iconic at this time.


This period was strongly influenced by movies and popular series, as Four Weddings and a Funeralthe remake of Father of the bride, My best friend’s wedding and Runaway bride. Kept the dresses bulky, but with simpler forms.


High dress Couture, with sleeves panties and a big Monkey on his head.


In the year 2000 were more risky bets on the catwalk, focused one hundred per cent to Haute Couture. Is this dress with Victorian-inspired Gothic Yves Saint Laurent.


Recent decades have been marked by a huge variety of styles. However, the main trends aretransparencies, applications, the lace and worship for vintage fashion. This dress is Elie Saab.

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