Wedding Dresses Spring Summer

We are sure that many of you have some commitment in the form of wedding for this Spring Summer 2009. If over invitations are more than one wedding, the coconut daycares is twofold. If the guests are different, we can repeat dress, but, but will have to buy more than one dress or change accessories, hairstyle and jewelry to make the dress a different air. We are going to look for ideas that can help you to choose a dress for weddings that you ahead.

If the wedding day, the Protocol dictates to go short or cocktail and hats and headdresses can be. For the wedding day, a grey and pink flowered dress as of Mango the image above can be a good choice. This type of dress are cheerful and light, ideal for warmer days.

If we want more sexy options, we can choose blue with halter neckline dress or dress in green Satin with drooping shoulder, signed by Adolfo Dominguez.

With this Pink Ruffle dress, of Purificación García, the light will be our most romantic vein.

For the Weddings at night, It is recommended to wear a long dress. In that case, it is best to refrain frocks and a simple headdress could be, but the best option is to make a collected in the hair. You can choose all kinds of options. If long dresses going with strapless neckline, we have one in purple in Mango

or this lovely blue dress with lacing on the back of Purificación García.

If you prefer dresses of Greek inspiration, Purificación García It offers these options in various colors.

For a very special night, any of these two dresses from Adolfo Dominguez, detail of feathers on the neck or in the bag they will make us feel like real princesses.