Wedding Fairs – Inspiration, Yes or No?

Wedding receptions are a great opportunity to get an overview of what you want for your own celebration and what is not. There are classic and well-known wedding favors, such as the “Trau Dich”; Which travels all over Germany, but now also more and more smaller events, organized by wedding networks and convincing with personal charm.

Wedding Fairs – Inspiration, Yes or No?

On the “Trau Dich!”Over 30 exhibitors are fighting with vouchers, free drinks and give-aways to attract the attention of their guests. Potential brides are worn on hands and provided with all the information they need. This can be quite a lot. It is a good idea to study the program and to select what you want to see. So it is also easier to say “no.” And leave a stand before the messetore close.

My recommendation is to look at the mobile bars in any case – whether you need them for your celebration or not – the delicious cocktails refresh during the visit and give you strength for the next inspirations.

I personally liked the wedding event in Düsseldorf-Benrath better. Can you imagine a more beautiful setting for such a fair than the rose-colored Benrather Castle? A gray-blue, historic Volvo welcomes guests at the entrance. The wedding network “Bube, Dame, Herz” represents what it can – and that is a lot. Very choosen, pretty and not at all overflowed. In the glamorous castle rooms sparkling wine is served and ” Limberry ” served with delicious finger food.

Guests stroll through the festive rooms and the chapel of the East wing, past extraordinary jewelery, loving pastries from the “Genusswerkstatt” in Düsseldorf and beautifully decorated and decorated banquet tables.

Special wedding dresses hang next to individual suits. The themes of invitation, music, dance course, accessories and styling are not to be missed. Everything that women and men need for the wedding. In addition to the important overview, there are many inspiring inspirations to discover, little things and very good advice.

Almost a bit wistfully you leave the festivities – which you can also rent for the big celebration – again. This charming fair could have two more rooms, the bride and groom would feel just as comfortable. And one thing is certain: the best is to book the whole network right away.

In the end, I come to the conclusion: If it’s bigger, the classic trade fairs are recommended – but beware: in the big wedding dress fashion run already half an hour before places secure! If you would like to have a small (or big) yes! Experience at the wedding fair visit , the special events are looking for – those, which are a bit smaller but finer and shine with loving details.

Jack, lady, right in the heart!

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