What a Single Skirt Can Do: an Infinite Number of Looks

There are times that a garment look at it and know that you like but you’re unable to bear it, it will succeed. That is what happened to me to see the campaign autumn/winter 2012 / 2013 Zara where Freja Beha Erichsen He was wearing a skin, ruffle and studded skirt. Yes, I fell in love instantly of her (garment) but I knew that: he bought me to the now and wore it during these days of late September and early October or the dejariaen Cabinet since stockings not just it I imagine. Well, these girls know how to get him out and all agree with it, but the result is completely different.

So if you have it and don’t know how to combine or are in doubt buy or not they bring you (great) ideas to take to the streets. I like what I see! And is that skirt It is a garment that I refuses: never know do a 10 outfit, there is always something that fails. Many of the girls they prefer to cover it and leave only decorated flyers look with Golden studs. And it’s cool.

But the touch chic sport give it when we mix it with cotton shirts. Completely different but fabulous styles and Sara Collage vintage demonstrated by us: two-coloured t-shirt, maxiclutch and heels. What do you think?

Y Zina prefer to opt out of t-shirt of Marc by Marc Jacobs (I have it!) and focus your attention on your footwear: some slippers in print-animal that breaks the schemes. Yes, go chic, divine and comfortable is possible and she shows us how.

Pointing the ways of using it?