What Do You Like To Sleep With?… Pajamas!!

We must pay attention to that fashion to sleep, to sleep comfortable or comfortable and in pajamas that makes you feel this way… go to bed ??

The pajama is usually a two piece garment, but lately it has resurfaced the pajama type monkey that is all united, this model for lady and young girl is quite original as it sometimes has hood or ears or other adornments very kuquis .. 

Pajamas are for all tastes, men’s, there are summer that are short pants and short sleeves, can also be long pants and short sleeves, the combinations we can make are endless. For example, the Punto Blanco brand has made loose garments, trousers and knitwear and short and long knitwear, and this is where the customer can make the combination of colors and fabrics he likes. 
The pajamas lately make them very functional, as we like to say, to open the door of the street, since they are models well cared for details and colorful, with some avant-garde designs. 
There are also all of short and long fabrics, the long ones are used in hospitals and sanatoriums, because to go open are the most comfortable for patients. 
The compositions are also very varied, there are one hundred percent cotton, and usually these models wrinkle more. 
Winter pajamas are available with fists on the legs, at the waist of the jacket with elastics. There are many people looking for this type of pajamas because when they enter the bed they do not raise their pants up.

There are neck, especially the cloth, which also tend to be open, and in some models of point also, there are with placket, neck box and beak. 
In the pajamas of short pants made fabric models with neck, but the truth that the men prefer for the summer cool clothes, and to carry neck they usually give more heat than the models that do not carry. 
The knits, especially for winter are usually velvet, curl, polar, coral and cotton. 
The velvet pajamas are very well received for both men and women, because it is a very nice fabric, comfortable, does not make balls and this is much appreciated by the person, and also has another advantage and is that hardly needs ironing. 
The curl is similar to the previous model, but with a particularity .. that is quite prone to suffer hooks and you usually get out threads and gives an unpleasant effect, even if the pajamas are new. 
The pajama polar as its name indicates is special for homes that do not have heating or houses of town, is a very thick fabric and very pleasant of easy washing. 
Coraline is a very soft fabric that has become very fashionable, since almost all brands of pajamas have some model, this fabric have adapted it for house robes, or bedding, because it has excellent performance, no Is too thick but shelters a lot.There are people who say that with this type of garment they light the heating much less and thus save. 
In lady pajamas many times come matching with dressing gowns, which can be short or long. 
The lady’s summer pajamas models are different from those of gentleman, in design and style, for example lady’s cloth pajamas are unusual. Knit pajamas are more functional, there are suspenders, short sleeves, and the models that are fashionable lately are with pirate pants. 
The models of long maga cotton and fine long trousers are highly demanded by the elderly, since they are usually more prone to cold and these models are ideal. 
Lady’s polar pajamas are more used than in knight, they have some very original designs, type zebra, harlequin, pictures, etc. 
In lady there are models with the jacket open such as militarynous, these models are very practical for the elderly, also with placket, round neck and beak.