What I Buy after The Sale? All The Style Keys for Shopping

It seems that rebates are sold out in stores already, many we love depleted last-minute markdowns, but already in September should consider what purchases do for the new season. So there is nothing better than a ride by your favorite stores but also of course look magazines y parades to see that it will be what takes this season. If you have not much time, today in Jezebel do a review of these trends so the choice is much easier.

To do this we will help great designers, so you conformed these trends to your possibilities. We started with Stella McCartney and maxi coats with masculine cut as see it in the image. You can search for them with original prints or plain colors but always seek a feMinine touch.

Valentino leads us to the colors of the season, without a doubt the Red and the Navy Blue the protagonists will be these cold months. Red seems to be that it will be the new black for what they will see in all sites and also helps a lot. The blue although in minor way also will be a basic fundamental. Do not hesitate to mix them together to get really nice results.

We return to Stella McCartney to highlight the trend of the Scottish tartans. We can find them in a thousand ways: large, small, colorful, more autumnal… That means endless possibilities within the tartan world. It is true that if you combináis something black leather with some biker boots gettin that look that is both, “grunge”.

And finally Prada hits in the two forms of skirt that will be more. This season we have skirts for everyone, for those who like the more tight-fitting garments can be found pencil skirts by the very interesting knee. In Exchange for those who like to wear clothes more comfortable and loose can find skirts typical of the Decade of the 70’s midi cut and with a bit of flight. This fall, all will be happy because the Mini they are also trend.