What I Have in Me – Jake Grantham

What I have in me is back and we look at one of the most inspirational men in #menswear namely the British style icon Jake Grantham from The Armoury. Jake tells a little about himself and what he is like a little extra with what he is wearing.


I have worked for almost four years for The Armoury and is originally from accessory company Drake’s in London where I worked in their shop. I am a part of the creative team behind The Armoury working to develop products and fabrics for the shop together with our various suppliers.

In addition to that, I work with the store’s purchase of clothing and accessories as well as select fabrics to our measurements sewing services.


Then some time you can find me in our New York store where I assist customers and take measurements and perform studies for our measure tailoring service.

Comments on the upholstery

According to me, Ciccio one of the most interesting modern tailors the moment. Ueki-san producing garments with a distinct and unique style house where he combines classic Neapolitan silhouette with pure Japanese engineering. This allows both the Neapolitan and Japanese influences come forward and reflected in the garment.

Uekis relatively young age is also very impressive and I especially like the garments casual feel, clean lines and traditional proportions.

My job at The Armoury has enabled a relationship with Ueki as both friend and supplier. When it comes to custom, it is important to respect the tailor’s personality just like their crafts and products.

I am wearing a classic dark blue suit without a slit with broad strokes and a pretty relaxed silhouette.

Ciccios soft rolling type, a bit lower key position and very lightweight design fits well with my personal style that I prefer to dress classically, but in a relaxed way.

The crocheted tie, pink shirt, and my Belgian loafers further contributes to the informal touch despite his dark suit.

Costume – Ciccio Bespoke

Shoes – Belgian Loafers

Shirt – Liverano

Handkerchief – Drake’s

Crochet Tie – Sorley

Sunglasses – Persol

Instagram – @Cadeandco