What I Have in Me – Mark Cho

What I’m wearing is a format where we talk to different inspirational people we met in our work with Manolo who get the opportunity to tell us more about what they have chosen to take on, and not least why. First up is Mark Cho, one of the founders of the very inspiring store concept The Armoury in Hong Kong.


I am one of the founders of the retail chain The Armoury. The concept was started by me and my friend Alan See for almost five years ago now. I work with all aspects of the business, sometimes on the floor in the shops, but especially from our office. As the company has grown in recent years it has become more important with a functioning organization. I am responsible for the design of all our stores because the stores are like my second home, I try to include a lot of my own personal things in them.


Comments on the upholstery

Tailor is something very personal and I think it reflects the relationship between the customer and the cutter. Antonio Liverano are like family to me, and I learned so much from. When I wear his suits, it feels like he understands me like a family member and it gives me great joy.

I wear a lot of shirts from Drake’s. Although they do not have as much of the fine handmade feeling you will find the Italian manufacturer’s quality is still very good and I think they have a wonderful and robust British style instead that falls me very well in the taste.

The tie is from this year’s summer collection from Drake’s and is a grenadine with a large dot. It is actually the first time I’ve seen a grenadinslips made in this way.

Our blazer chains from The Armoury is always a good accessory. They are small lapel so it is a discreet and subtle detail, but the exposed chain in makes it a little more interesting. I always wear our model, “Lotus”  because I love to eat Renkon!

I took this picture on the roof of Drake’s factory in London in Haberdasher Street. If ever you are in the city. Come by and ask for a tour. It is one of my favorite places in the world.

– Mark Cho

Costume – Liverano bespoke in olive green cotton

Tie – Drake’s grenadine

Shoes – Carmina Pina loafer

Scarf – Drake’s summer scarf in cotton / silk / linen

Chain –  The Armoury Lotus Lapel Chain

Shirt –  Drake’s Button Down Shirt

Instagram –  The armory hp