What I Have in Me – Oliver Dan Falk

Today it is time for the next person in our series “What I have in me.” Some probably know him from Mr. Judit or J.Lindeberg where he worked before this year took the step to Skoaktiebolaget. An extremely creative and artistic person who constantly inspires with his attire. We give you Dan Oliver Falk.


My name is Dan Oliver Falk and I work as Visual Manager Skoaktiebolaget. For those of you who do not know the store so is the Humlegårdsgatan 4 in Stockholm, where we sell quality shoes from Saint Crispin’s, Gaziano & Girling, Edward Green, Enzo Bonafe and Carmina as well as some accessories from Liverano & Liverano and Sozzi, among others. I’m a bit of everything in my work, both in the office, shop and around the city and plates. At the moment I am taking shape a visual approach that should permeate everything we stand for at Skoaktiebolaget. It’s a very fun job with very outlet for creativity.

Comments on the upholstery

I have always strived for any kind of silhouette in my dress, a broken / harmonious whole picture by any means, very contradictory. When I think about it, I see it as a composition of color and form. All the things I like, I like the cuts, colors I like. I try to break it down to the essence of all that to my taste.

The jacket I wear are tailored from Tailorable & Co. And has a very nice brown color and a rather rough and crisp feel. The shirt is from Mazzarelli, white and simple, it is something of a new white shirt that is indescribable. The tie is a simple blue crochet variant, the first tie I actively bought for myself because I wanted a tie. The pants are made to measure from Saman Amel, gray trousers the works in principle always so it’s very easy to always choose the most.

The shoes are from Gaziano & Girling, a modified version made to order on their tasseloafer Nice, I removed the paw glands and also the medallion is the original model to get a clean nice silhouette of the shoe.

Blazer – Tailorable & Co. Bespoke

Shirt – Mazzarelli

Tie – Blue crochet vintage tie

Trousers – Saman Amel MTM

Shoes – Gaziano & Girling MTO

Clock – Cartier Tank

Instagram – danne falcon