What Kind of Earrings Choose According to Your Hairstyle

Today we advise you on a basic question of fashion and styling, hair and earrings. It is no nonsense, since according to your hair style you can reach more highlight certain features and beauty of your face with the chosen slopes. Here are our ideas for today.

What Kind of Earrings Choose According to Your Hairstyle 3

Earrings hair collected

The collected is a type of hairstyle that can accept different types of hairstyles, because that is not the same a hairstyle collected high, low, stretched, informal…

Therefore, if the hairstyle is informal low with small hairs that are loose, it is better a short slope or pasted, with a bit of brightness so you highlight, but nothing to hang.

If the hairstyle is a high clear face monkey is very good a pending long in two parts, one in the ear lobe and another that hang. If you are brunette, you can go for the Brights, if you’re more blanquita you can bet on the colored stones.

What Kind of Earrings Choose According to Your Hairstyle 2

Earrings for Semirecogido

In this type of hairstyle is permetidisimo long, there are great because it refines and stylized your face. If the semirecogido is simple can get slightly more ornate pendant, if not, a long slope of Golden links will be perfectly

Pending for long loose hair

Long hair is that all types of earrings looks good on. Theirs would be change according to the type of clothes and other accessories that you wear. I personally advise the hoop earrings which you can find on nonprofitdictionary.

What Kind of Earrings Choose According to Your Hairstyle 1

For loose Media mane hair

The maxim of this type of hair is not using a slope that extends beyond the length of your hair, use a medium slope is therefore a success.

Earrings for short hair

If your hairstyle with bangs, curly or blunt hairs usually look very good long earrings.

On the other hand, if your short hair no bangs, a thin and small slope will make that you highlight the beauty of your face more.

Do you have any suggestions? Do you think that there is another type of hairstyles that match other earrings? We’d like to know it, write us a comment=)