What Swimsuit for What Body Type

Choose the right swimsuit, in order to put his body in value, is an essential step. Thin or luscious, you are given all our tips to help you make the right choice.

The Right Swimsuit for Generous Breasts:

You have a generous bosom, it is also your best asset. To become the Queen of the beach, prefer swimsuits to v necklines and bras to shells to ensure a perfect maintenance of the breasts. Swimsuit one-piece, embellished jewelry in the cleavage are ideal to ensure a comfortable and put the chest. You can also wear a bikini, provided that firm and toned. The rest black tone perfect for its slimming effect, but you can choose colors clear and United in order to glamouriser the silhouette.

The Right Swimsuit for the Hips and Thighs Round:

The upper part of your body is thin enough, your size is marked and you round at the level of the hips and thighs. In order fully to your body in value, choose instead a swimsuit two parts, with a bandeau BRA, which is tied around the neck, or padded to more out-of-pocket. Choose the panties “low-rise”, with large knots to tie on the sides. For color, prefer the dark to the bottom, which will give the impression to reduce the width of the hips and the clear up to round the chest.

The Right Swimsuit for the Thin Silhouettes:

Large or small, you have a fine figure and you can absolutely everything! Play with this advantage by trying several styles: fatal woman, flower, blue, sexy, sports… Swimwear one piece or the trikinis (these jerseys two parts connected by a band to the stomach) are within your reach, but dare the originality to not go unnoticed on the beach! Mismatched shirts you will also perfectly. Choose color print: liberty, Zebra, ethnic…

The Right Swimsuit for the Generous Curves:

You’re rather luscious. Your generous curves are an asset if you choose the suitable swimsuit. Choose a swimsuit one-piece nicely to neckline, which camouflages your curves while putting your chest. Prefer it with a belt or geometric patterns to highlight size. Another option: the tankini, swimsuit one-piece style tank top, which hides your tummy and that, sufficiently original to the level of cleavage, sublime your breasts. For more coquettish, swimsuit two-piece is doing enough neckline with ruffled or sheathed to the glamorous side panties. Dark and United colors are preferable.

The Right Swimsuit for Small Jigs:

You are rather small, round, or fine, we advise you to bet everything on the originality of the swimsuit to attract attention. Swimwear two pieces are preferred, with emphasis on the shapes and colors. Prefer liberty prints, the asymmetric version, flywheels and headband for the BRA shapes. The most daring can wear a swimsuit one-piece bustier for the glamorous version.

The Right Swimsuit for Small Breasts:

If you have a small chest, he must at all costs expand the silhouette and feminize her. Choose a swimsuit two-piece shell BRA, padded, to triangles strengthened in order to put your breasts in value. Or conversely, try the headband, the part of the summer. The pants can be low, indented or same size version tanga, which will sublimate your buttocks. Nodes, Ruffles, frilly or printed will give relief to your silhouette. For the color, focus on the flashy giving of PEP to your outfit.

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