Where to Buy Christmas Sweaters

“Christmas is coming”, said the spot of a famous sugary drink. Well when this time of year is approaching, you can not help but accept the spirit of the holidays and begin the countdown.

Some people associate the Christmas binge in the family, another to Christmas markets, those shopping for gifts and those repatriated to the sound of bingo and card tournaments.And then there’s us, a not insignificant proportion of women to whom a thing of all when approaching Christmas comes to mind: the Christmas Jumpers.

Perhaps the reason is that we grew up under the influence of some thirty preposterous that made the motto “comfort over cool” a way of life: who can forget that scene Bridget Jones when his (not yet) loved Mr. Darcy It presents at the Christmas party with a sweater to put it mildly, “wacky”?

Personally that scene struck me so much that I decided to follow the tradition of the Christmas-themed sweaters, so beloved in the UK, and they are not the only one! Many brands have adapted to the demands of “Christmas Jumpers” and the varieties are now really a lot: from the most nerds to those super fashion, through classics like reindeer, Santa Claus, snowmen.

Here’s where to buy them and what to choose to wear or to give to friends!

For the friend nerd

We all have the friend “Sheldoniano” and every year it is difficult to find the perfect Christmas gift. Well, what could be better than a themed sweater inspired by his tv / favorite character in the series? Here are three examples: the one of Game Of Thrones (Once Upon A Tee), Batman (Amazon ) or Star Wars (Bay-57 ).

For the super-sister fashion

For his sister / girlfriend or girlfriend with a keen fashion sense that even at Christmas can give up, it is the most fashionable and cool versions: like this ASOS, a dress to wear with matching wool socks; how to resist the cheerleader of this colorful sweater Chinti & Parker reminiscent of the decorations on the tree? And a shower of flakes on the sweater  COMME des GARÇONS.

For the conservative

For those who love the classic style and show off the Christmas icons, here is the Christmas Jumpers par excellence: the one with Selected Homme Scandinavian press on Zalando, those with Santa Claus (New Look) and snowman Snow (Club L). And of course one that wishes you happy holidays, like this sold on Ebay.

For us … the Christmas sweaters must-have!

And now, after the presents, a small selection of must-have that will be hard to say no!

Superb proposal Asos, with this shirt in cream and black Christmas, but very fashionable to combine with blacks leather pants. Here on offer in 58,99 € .
To be worn not only for the Christmas dinners, but also for a new year casual chic in the mountains!

For those who love the casual, how to resist these two proposals always Asos? Penguin left and funny reindeer leaping right, to wear with jeans and loafers. Very reasonable price: 26,99 EUR for reindeer, 29.99 for the penguin.

Always very glamorous proposals for H & M: the best for us this year is the sweatshirt withglittery cat-reindeer and poncho in jacquard knit . Prices? 19.99 and 49.99 for the sweatshirt poncho.

Finally, for lovers of vintage seriously, what better place to Etsy, where you will find dozens of very specific proposals, handmade or second hand. On the left the red superclass with reindeerat about 22 euro and on the right the very classic blue 34 euro.

Then, hot chocolate in hand, make yourself immediately in search of the Christmas sweater for you!