Why is There a Women’s Movement?

Who is that woman wearing a bra can be a big nuisance. The tight grip, the ferrinho underneath, the elastic behind anything can hurt and there are days that you just want to get him in the middle of the street.
On the other hand, there is the embarrassment of leaving the House without a bra. After all, many people point out that play as fundamental in the locker room. It turns out that there are many women, especially the new feminist generation that thinks otherwise.
Olivia Nicoletti, 25 years, says he never liked wearing a bra for the inconvenience, but the decision to stop using it was not so simple.”I feel shortness of breath, pressure and even gag reflex depending on the model.It wasn’t a decision completely safe or’ easy’ to be made, but I believe that with the maturity, we started to put aside certain things imposed by society, thinking about our well-being,”he explains.

Although some women don’t feel good with BRA, the mastologista of the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, Antonio Frasson, says that, so far, there is no study that proves that the use of the play can effectively harm the woman or generate health problems such as breast cancer. In Frasson, the trend is”more a fad a behavioral prevention”.
The movement against the bra is a trademark of the feminist movement for a long time. In 1968 happened the”burning of Bras”, when about 400 activists gathered on 7 September in Atlanta, in the United States, to make a protest. The intention was to burn the play and other items that symbolize femininity, but the fire ended up not happening.
A case of women is how to dress without a bra. Olivia says that it is often challenging. Especially by the looks and the people.”They look, whisper and fix, of course. At first it bothered me a little, but I spent studying,”he says. However, there are some situations that she feels pressured to wear something under the blouse.
“I try to be parsimony: don’t wear certain outfits at work or more formal environments and when using, put a bra without bulge, ring or anything, underneath or a top. I think it’s even more fun to get dressed after taking this decision,”says Olivia.”I really hope that someday becomes a play option and not imposed.”