Winter Fashion 2016 Colors

The 2016 autumn/winter’s fashion color is burgundy (=Bordeaux, red Burgundy).

In English, it is burgundy. A lot of people prefer to use the name of the color in English, but in the end it’s the same color.

The color burgundy is a wine with a touch of brown. Burgundy is a gorgeous color that brings elegance and seriousness visually.

It is in vogue in this season, but actually it’s an absolutely timeless color, which is classical and elegant for any time. So, having a piece of that color in your wardrobe must be an exciting thing and you will never regret.

Probably, who is in love with the wine will fall in love with this color, which is suitable for various occasions – from work to party, with a fashionable breath both for men and women.

It is interesting to think about the symbolic aspect that each color brings. The color burgundy brings a sense of alignment, seriousness, power and sophistication.

Besides, this color is quite versatile with other colors. Combined with the black, it may be more conservative, but it is chic and never make errors. However, it also goes well with navy blue, earthy tones (beige, ocher, brown), grey and white. >>

Can you match burgundy with jeans?  Of course you can. What’s more, it can revitalize the jeans, and make it more elegant.

If you are still in a bolshie mood towards the burgundy, you can have a try in using an accessory, such as a lipstick, a glaze and so on. It’s worth finding your own way to catch this trend. Give yourself a chance!

In fact, burgundy can always keep versatile and interesting in every wardrobe and any circumstances. So don’t worry about it.

You don’t need to imitate the way the advertisements tell you. Depending on your personal preferences, using your imagination and creativity, you can create your own style through burgundy.  

Fashion is a way to discover a little more about yourself. How about using a color? The choice is yours. Different usage of colors can change the way you see yourself and others’ opinion about you. Every one can has his or her own fashion.