With Skirts (and Dresses) and Crazy

While half of Spain is already wearing bikini, the other half still not has banished shelters. And in this particular weather chaos Zara Trafaluc presents its Lookbook of skirts and dresses spring/summer 2011. 

In this case that concerns us, cannot be said their proposals to force us to take us the Zaras of half the city or country to find that dress or skirt that has us spellbound. Much of the proposals already look splendid in their Shop windows.

A more flattering haircut and a very spring color star in this dress as feminine as a youth. Your line retro and make it ideal to accompany with butterfly sunglasses and a few wedges of Esparto grass skirt evasee.

The flowers They encourage any styling and more if we accompany them in a simple cotton t-shirt. Add-ins acquired its nuances more summer to dyeing them colors, even in one basic and simple rooms.

Word of honor and electric blue. The perfect combination of femininity and elegance. But don’t let us fall into being so skimpy on accessories as it proposes the lookbook. Do not accompany it a raffia pamela and a fringe bag?

Skirts acquire certain school thanks to its touch. Orange and red dye summer and are accompanied by neutral tones. He used the same t-shirt for three different looks is somewhat more difficult to understand, but the creativity of Zara already discussed widely. Since the total absence of styling, up to the bland and anodyne poses of his models.

New tables and cut evasee which this time takes flight with the company of a female dress.

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