Women’ Secret, Collection Autumn-Winter 2009 / 2010

While we are still analyzing the collections of clothing, footwear and handbags that await us in stores this fall to update our wardrobe, it is necessary to also review the lingerie and sleepwear. It is so important to take care of our style for outside and inside.

As all seasons, Women ’ Secret bring us your precious collection of lingerie autumn/winter 2009 / 2010 to feel beautiful and feminine. We must also be attentive to his precious variety of Pajamas, Nightgowns, house slippers, and other accessories that make it easier for us to comfort at home.

The lingerie is full of lace and transparencies, of parts of Corsetry that highlight our ways and enhance our femininity and romanticism with the colors black, gray, cream and blue.

For the night, the sets of Pajamas with short pants they are terribly comfortable and flirtatious. Women ’ Secret us proposes five collections different to suit all tastes:

Dandy girl, that brings us to the romanticism and the elegance of the London of the 18th century, with subtle details such as ties, paintings of Wales and flowers.

Botanical is inspired by the motifs and in tones which adopt the forests and gardens during the autumn: patterns of branches, flowers and shrubs in very soft tissues to touch and raw, blue and brown color.

Shopping girl is a collaboration with Designer Domingo Ayala with fun images of three girls very trendy will be shopping for the fashion capitals. The prints are filled with minitopos, thin stripes, tartan and collages of seals. The collection also includes backpacks, luggage, bags & wallets.

Who does not know to? Little Miss? The funny character created in 1981 welcomes all types of items, such as panties, socks, mugs and notepads.

Folk Duotone, It is a collection based on the detail: borders, blends of fabrics, crochet,… Clothing trendy but very casual, which serve both for going out and being at home.

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