Would You like to Have a “Perfect” Autumn?

It is clear that we all want to have an autumn full of good news and new projects but also a new season full of fashion and trends. So today I wanted to speak of the jackets biker also known as “perfectos”. Will take much this season, already anticipated it designers of the likes of Tommy Hilfiger in New York or Chloe in Paris. This fall you can not pass without having one of these jackets in the closet.

Designers opt for a perfect not so perfect, i.e. fleeing some of the typical Huntress of leather in different colours to create new garments with other various tissues but with the same workmanship of these famous jackets. They will not hesitate to use wool or cotton tissue to create garments with the same character but much more groundbreaking and original.


We have been able to see them much in the catwalks around the world, Perhaps one of the most comfortable clothes in the fall when the cold is not too present. A garment light enough to transport easily and above all very flattering with diagonal zipper that characterizes the.


As it could not be otherwise “low-cost stores have become echo of this trend and we can already find many different models in shops as Zara or Mango. You can continue using the other seasons, but I advise that you try to find “perfect” of different fabrics and colors and thus will go entirely to fashion. You can use them from to go to College in the morning as to a feast in the evening with a short dress. You can not pass this fall without one of these jackets.