Write Down It Well: The Pants a Pictures Will a Stick Strong, Much!

I can’t be more happy to be writing this post: one of the items that more I like they enjoy from trend this season. Yes, a few years have obsession for finding the Plaid pants (large and dark preferably) that were part of my day to day. I think that my obsession dates back a decade ago (or slightly more) when the Lois flared were the most. Yo me emperré a model dark blue and green Plaid (Scottish print but in those colors) never found.

Since then I have gone to the hunting and capture something that I remember them, until this year have stuck, and strong. The street already see, at least the bloggers because they have become a model and so They show it in their personal pages. Skinny or wide leg, these will be the jewel of your outfit.

Yes, they don’t see double: Collage Vintage and Fash ‘ n ’ Chips show us the same model of pants (signed by) ASOs) but with a completely different result. While Sara combines it with a Red Jersey, the second prefers to give the prominence to the garment that we are talking about today. Comparisons are odious, but which one do you prefer?

Would you like some?

If you’ve already convinced now is the step to choose the best go with your style. In Bimba & Lola There are different models according to the color, shape or occasion. I I have fallen in love with full model in the Middle, although its price is so high that I wait for sales (I them I’ll buy Yes or Yes).

In River Island We have proposals quite different but more economical, if you lose the tartan print, now already you can get with this model type so eye-catching costume. The skinny of the side are what looks Andy Torres in the first image.

But if what you want is something really cheap since you are not very confident to make much use of the model, you can opt for Primark. 17 euros is the price of each of these pants: Yes, the seconds are exactly the same to the River Island and … I have them! Although I must confess that the first day already broke my zipper (I can’t download it!).

Are you going to fall in this trend?