You Also The Will Want to: Flash Tattoos, The Trend Virus Summer Is Already Here

“Do you ever seen what Monad of?” bright tattoos does this girl? ‘. ” Browse Instagram has your good things and bad things. Inspires you, Yes, but perhaps too. It creates needs that otherwise you would not have and also leads you to think that you need a good part of clothing or accessories that you see in your pictures. More or less what is happening with the Flash tattoos, one of the trends that strong will to beat next summer.

You’ll want them and you know, but don’t be afraid, these beautiful tattoos can be purchased online, Although its price is far from being affordable for being what they are, a few bright tattoos that will leave a few days after. That itself, leaving you a few precious photographs (and some) than other likes your Instagram account.

It all started with Flash Tattoos, the website where you can buy these temporary tattoos. His creations had a prompt and well received among bloggers, celebrities, instagrammers and fashionistas around the world, after which came the jump to Coachella, the festival of music more often for the fashion industry and the cause of movements as #reclaimthebindi.

Geometric designs, feather, models of tribal or even tropical inspiration they mingle in the Flash Tattoos online shop. Their prices range from 20 to 30 dollars for sets that consist of four leaves, and they go away between four and six days after you put them. However, they are very.

If celebrities have already fallen, Coachella has surrendered to its charms, e Instagram increasingly is more fraught with them, Is that clear, the flash tattoos or temporary tattoos will dominate the summer.