ZTE Reveals Voice Control Functionality for Its Devices

The Chinese manufacturer ZTE wants more footholds outside China. In addition to some new products such as the blade S6 or the star 2 to create this in the future, especially with the voice control.

ZTE is pushing into Europe. Now the CEO mobile devices with ZTE, Adam Zeng, announced the strategic direction for this. Here, in the future especially voice control to serve as a core component of the business development strategy. The technology is already used in the new Star 2 smart phones and soon also in other smart phone models should be used. The new Star 2 Smartphone advance showed the company at CES in Las Vegas, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and also at the CeBIT in Hanover.

Now, voice control paves the way forward for ZTE works according to own statements for four years on the appropriate technology. According to ZTE, the voice control currently has a success rate of around 90 percent correct recognition of voice commands. It aims to further expand this quota. Also hoped for them by being smart voice alliance partner network a rapid global rollout of technology, so that each user also can apply.