10 Reasons to Go to Brazil

By | May 1, 2022
  1. Brazilian culture

According to topschoolsintheusa, for hundreds of years, the cultural heritage of Brazil has been created by people of different nationalities, races and religions. Bossa nova, capoeira and the famous Brazilian football have blossomed in this bouquet. Despite the differences, people here for the most part feel like a single people, hospitable and smiling.

  1. Nature in Brazil: Amazon and other riches

Spray Iguazu Falls on your face in the heart of the rainforest, giant butterflies on your shoulder and river travel. Amazon, Pantanal ecosystems, savanna are the most popular tourist destinations in the country, where there are 62 national parks. Ecotourism is now at the peak of popularity among travelers who enjoy the treasures of nature and breathe in the “lungs of the planet.”

  1. Beaches in Brazil

More than 2,000 beaches and 1,000 islands scattered across the map are the pearls of the Atlantic Ocean. From secluded lagoons to surf-filled bays, there’s everything you need to energize the sun, sand and water with a cocktail of caipirinhas.

  1. Amazing places and attractions in Brazil

View of Rio at the statue of Christ – a bewitching bay, a city in the mountains and a clear sky. Countless theaters, museums, botanical gardens, the colonial cities of Ouru Preto and Salvador, and the futuristic architecture of the capital – Brasilia – in the form of an airplane, have long become the property of UNESCO.
São Paulo’s “dtcomotive” of business and the tourist metropolis of Rio de Janeiro, charming coastal towns and fishing villages. As well as surfing, fishing, rafting, whale watching and much more.

  1. Holidays and exhibitions in Brazil

The famous Carnival in Rio de Janeiro needs no introduction. In addition to the irresistible rhythms of samba and bright costumes, the New Year – Reveillon – is no less exciting. Wedding of the rivers in the Amazon, Semana Santa, St. Vitus Festival are always welcome guests.
New events and exhibitions gather here all of South America and visitors from all over the world.

  1. Brazilian cuisine

From open fire steaks from gauchos, Brazilian cowboys, to upscale restaurants recognized around the world. Juicy meat, fresh seafood, fruits and tempting desserts – here they like to eat tasty and healthy. From all over the world come to taste the dishes from the masters at the culinary festivals of Brazil – Sabor and Cumida di Buteku.

  1. Favorable weather for travel

Not all the time, not everywhere, and of course the weather is a very personal matter. But with the right planning, all year round there are places with blue skies and temperatures conducive to swimming in the ocean. In Fortaleza, for example, there are 300 days of sunshine, and in autumn and winter, most of Brazil has warm days, bright sunshine and cool nights, perfect for hot chocolate in a circle of pleasant company.

  1. Real coffee

Where, if not in Brazil, you can taste real coffee?

  1. Tourism is a priority in Brazil

The Ministry of Tourism and the private sector are investing in infrastructure and tourism development in Brazil. This can be seen in good roads, increased jobs in tourism

  1. Brazil – Gateway to South America

Brazil has amazing neighbors with its own gems – the Andes, Patagonia, Machu Picchu and Buenos Aires. Start discovering South America from its main treasure.

10 Reasons to Go to Brazil