We turn now looking towards Gothenburg and store Linnegatan no.2 which recently launched a lot of news in the range. Then the store introduced launched its web shop, the range of both manufacturers and products has grown steadily and it now offers several of the industry’s foremost players in its segment.

When the store was founded in 2010, it was above all three brands which formed the base: Swedish Oscar Jacobson, US Ralph Lauren and British Hackett. Of these three, only the former is left in the supply and instead has chosen over the years to introduce manufacturers who Herno, Gaiola, Edward Green, Frank Clegg and Carmina. Recently, the range was supplemented with Italian Boglioli which accounts for a okonstruerad and relaxed blazer silhouette and offering in the spring for the first time a separate measure tailoring service beyond Gaiola Napoli. The feeling is that it has gone from brand to product specialists, which feels like a natural step in if it competes with the quality and service rather than volume and price.

We have looked a little closer at this autumn’s news and selected our personal favorites.


15 Favorites From Linnegatan No.2