20 Practical Ways To Use Your Leather Jacket

The rage in the world of fashion by the leather jackets took off in the’ 80s, would who not dying by John Travolta with their T-Birds jacket in Vaseline?

The stereotype of the sexy man included, par excellence, a black leather jacket. But the women were not left behind: celebrities like Madonna and Drew Barrymore were faithful followers of this trend which became rule;There are few items that arrive to stay without an expiration date in the world of fashion and the leather jacket is undoubtedly one of them.

A basic essential in the wardrobe of any fashionista, especially when this 2016 is expected over leather leather to replace to the denim denim over last year according to Calculatorinc.com.
If you find it very difficult to find the inspiration to use your jacket, here are 20 ideas how you can Stylize your leather jacket:

1. with a skirt MIDI: 
By tradition, the skirt style is associated with midi with heels, but today also you choose to combine this skirt with athletic shoes and a leather jacket for a more casual look.
One of the best advantages of this type of skirt is that it is styled legs, creating the visual illusion that are longer.

  1. with tights:
    If you’re that feels too cold legs even with the resplendent Sun, combining your jacket leather stockings, whether the basic black, colors, patterns or smooth.You can use a skort, a skirt or a dress under the your leather jacket.
  2. with jeans:
    This is probably the most widely used combination, it never goes out of fashion.If you want to see more original, try using unusual colors with your black jacket jeans, or attempts to use shoes with some distinctive, asflatsof animal print.

4 skirt with buttons:
This skirt became popular last year and many fast fashion stores offered it in many colors. You can buy it in denim, black, red or brown. All are perfect with a leather jacket for a vintage style.

  1. Leggingsand a leather jacket:
    The most comfortable combination of the world einfallible to look good, if one morning you have hurry and don’t know what to wear, this outfit never fails.
  2. dress leather jacket:
    The perfect mix to achieve a feminine look with a touch rebellious and casual.Not all the dresses are for formal occasions, there are many ways to look more casual and a leather jacket is the perfect way.Use your dress with flats or sneakers.
  3. with a sweater or a long shirt:
    For the coldest days, when a cotton dress is not the best option, you can use a flannel shirt or sweater long under your jacket.Complete your look with long stockings andvoila! You are ready to go.
  4. in other colors:
    Black is not the only option when choosing a leather jacket, there are many other tones.One of the most popular is brown because, like black, it is very easy to combine and is less serious than the black.
  5. with converse:
    The classic eighties.The leather jacket is a faithful partner of the Converse.
  6. All Black:
    A leather jacket to complement an outfit in black tones you will always look elegant. Black was the preferred colour of Coco Chanel, just timeless. 
  7. flown skirt:
    He manages the femininelookof Taylor Swift by combining your jacket with a skirt flown. The artist is known for her wardrobe girly and is considered by many to be one of the best dressed celebrities, follows his lead. You can also use a dress with skirt arteriopatía to assemble this outfit.
  8. with long dress:
    Getting this combination is a bold decision by fashion.However, with the dress and the right jacket, you can achieve a unique and elegantlook . Brave when it comes to dressing elections are not reserved for the models in the magazines or the fashion bloggers. Try it if you want to see more high-heeled or flats for a newspaper style.
  9. jackets in pastel colors:
    Very few buy jackets of pastel-colored skin, but even if your jacket is in these shades, you can combine it in many ways.This versatile piece can be used on dresses or skirts without any problem and is super feminine.

14 a thing Fifty Shades of Grey:
The black and grey are always good. Use under your jacket several shades of gray to contrast with the black.You’ll be elegant without being too formal.

  1. with a silk scarf:
    To make a contrast with the male of the jacket and achieve alookmore classy, try using a kerchief of silk with your leather jacket. With a scarf you will manage to make everything look more elegant.
  2. with prints:
    The solid-color jacket highlights any type of print you wear under it.

17 custom jacket:
Nothing looks better than an original look . To make your totally unique jacket and staff, use pins or patches to personalize it. Your imagination is the limit, using all attachments that you want to make your special jacket.

  1. with a playsuit:
    Aplaysuitis the perfect choice for not having to think about how combine a blouse with a skirt or if those jeans remain with that sweater. A playsuit is a full outfitfor themselves only, but you can give a different touch with a leather jacket and you’ll be ready in a few minutes.
  2. with high boots:
    If you want to see youchicinfallible way, this is the perfect way. If the leather jacket is a basic fashion, the boots are about to become one also.
  3. Over leather leather:
    The improved version of the denim denim overexpected be trend this 2016. It looks elegant and you can use it for formal events or casually with appropriate shoes.

We hope that you like these tips and try many – or all – what is your favorite?.