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Venezuela Geography

In the north-west of Venezuela lies the Cordillera of Mérida, a southeastern branch of the Colombian Andes, the peaks of which reach over 5000 m. The Mérida Cordillera separates the oil fields of Lake Maracaibo from the rest of the country. West of the Cordillera, in the far north of the country, is the Guajira… Read More »

Cities and Places in Guatemala

Antigua Antigua Guatemala was the capital of Central America from 1543 to 1773. In the same year it was almost completely destroyed by an earthquake and relocated to Guatemala City, 45 kilometers away. Embedded in the natural beauty of perfect cone volcanoes, the city captivates with its colonial charm, the friendliness of its residents and… Read More »

The Best of Argentina

According to listofusnewspapers, Argentina is the world’s eighth largest country and offers a huge variety of natural and cultural experiences. This travel proposal contains some of the best and most varied nature experiences that the country has to offer. Hiking in Patagonia, cycling in Buenos Aires, views of the Perito Moreno Glacier and the impressive primordial power… Read More »

The Best of Brazil

According to indexdotcom, this great adventure trip in Brazil takes you on an expedition along the Amazon River where you meet Native American tribes and spend the night in hammocks to the Jew of the Amazon rainforest. From Manaus fort, the journey continues to stunning Rio de Janeiro, charming Paraty, the paradise island of Ilha Grande… Read More »

Family Adventures in Brazil

Pack your backpack and take the kids on adventures. Experience wildlife in the Amazon, colorful Rio de Janeiro and impressive Iguazú with the family on this fantastic tour of Brazil guided by itypeusa. Take your family on adventures in Brazil and get unique experiences for life. You stay with Vanessa, Leo and their children at Tropical Tree… Read More »

Middle East – Western Asia

There are different views of where the Middle East begins and where it ends. Similar to Central Asia, the Near East is always defined differently. One of the most common definitions is that the area is bordered by the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea to the west, Iran to the east, the Indian Ocean… Read More »

China Geography

China [ç-], officially Chinese in Latin letters Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo [d ʒ -], German People’s Republic of China, state in East Asia with (2019) 1.4 billion residents; The capital is Beijing. Climate China extends over several climate zones: from the cold winter northeast (Manchuria) and the arid desert of Central Asia to the hot, humid… Read More »

Backpacking in Colombia

According to findjobdescriptions, the Caribbean coast of Colombia offers both challenging hiking to Ciudad Perdida nature experiences in Tayrona, coffee plantations in Minca, historical sights in the city of Medellín and wonderful relaxation on beautiful beaches. The journey begins in Santa Marta, where you can spend a whole day exploring the city. Then awaits four challenging… Read More »

Classic Colombia Tour

This classic round trip takes you to Colombia’s highlights such as Bogotá, Villa de Leyva, Zona Cafetera, Salento, Medellín, Cartagena, Santa Marta, Palomino, Minca and Tayrona National Park. Make a rune trip in Colombia and start in the Colombian capital Bogotá. From here you go to Villa de Leyva, a city founded during the colonial era. It… Read More »

Cuba – Road Trip From East to West

Experience the whole of Cuba – from the more unknown east side to the west. You get lots of history, beautiful nature. chalk-white stands and much, much more on this exciting road trip across Cuba. Your adventure starts in the more unexplored, eastern part of the country where you will find significantly fewer tourists. Here, both in Holguín… Read More »

Cuba Around by Bus

Traveling around Cuba is like traveling back in time. Here is nothing you are used to and in many cases a real alarm clock. Make a classic adventure trip by bus around Cuba. You travel around Cuba by bus and see and experience the country’s most classic and iconic places. You live locally and on a small scale… Read More »

El Salvador Economy and History

TERRITORY: ENVIRONMENT The vegetation is that typical of the Isthmian area, but the natural mantle, essentially savannah, is very small in such a populous country. In fact, since the beginning of the twentieth century, many green areas have been demolished to make way for human settlements: at the beginning of the year 2000, 12.79% of… Read More »

Travel to Cuba on Your Own

Travel around Cuba at your own pace. Whether you are traveling as a backpacker or glampacker, it is nice to have a calm start to the journey with flights, pick up at the airport and two nights at a Casa Particular in Havana pre-booked and ready. Book your flights to Cuba through us and get lots… Read More »

Cuba – Road Trip on Your Own

Making a road trip to Cuba is easy. Lots of freedom with your own car and the opportunity to take the day as it comes! According to Agooddir, Cuba is perfect for a road trip on your own. Partly because the distances between the various sights are affordable, partly due to the simple road network. In addition, you… Read More »

Uruguay Human Geography

The most ancient residents were groups of hunters from pampide extraction and others of gatherers and farmers typical of the Amazonian environment. When the whites began to settle in Uruguay in the century. XVI, the population was made up of Indian tribes mainly belonging to the ciarrua (charrua), a people of warriors and hunters of… Read More »

Cuba – Road Trip and Beaches

Book a trip to Cuba with lots of freedom on four wheels. You can decide the pace and destinations yourself. Enjoy adventure, experiences and an ending on one of Cuba’s finest beaches in Varadero. The adventure begins in the historic city of Havana, Cuba. An exciting big city with 2.2 million inhabitants which, however, feels smaller and is… Read More »

Active Cuba Trip

A tour with an English-speaking guide that has everything for the curious and active traveler with a perfect combination of culture and activities. Hiking, biking and salsa dancing are the absolute best way to get to know Cuba. Wind in the hair, sweat in the forehead, sand between the toes and so on in nature. You travel… Read More »

The Best of Mexico

On this trip through Mexico, you will experience some of the highlights of the country. From the exciting and gigantic capital of Mexico City to the impressive nature and wildlife of Sumidero National Park. You see beautiful colonial cities, Native American villages and visit Mayan ruins such as Palenque, Uxmal and Chichén Itza. You end the journey on… Read More »

Travel in Peru

TRAVEL ON YOUR OWN IN PERU Travel through Peru for up to 12 months with the opportunity to hike in Machu Pichu, see the wildlife of the Amazon, soak up the atmosphere of local markets, experience the amazing Inca culture, fly over the mysterious Nazca lines and go sandboarding in Ica. See more about Peru… Read More »

Senegal Economy and Trade

Independent since 1960, Senegal is a republic. According to the 2001 Constitution, executive power is exercised by the President of the Republic. He appoints the prime minister and is elected by direct suffrage with a 5-year mandate, like the National Assembly. The judicial system is based on French law. The administration of justice is entrusted… Read More »

Backpacking in Peru & Bolivia

On this trip, you will experience two of South America’s absolute highlights: the legendary four-day hike to Machu Picchu in Peru and the spectacular salt desert in Bolivia. Follow in the footsteps of the Inca Indians during the legendary, four-day trek to Machu Picchu in Peru, and experience the stunning salt desert of Bolivia on… Read More »

Attractions in San Diego

San Diego is located on America’s west coast in southern California near the Mexican border. The city is popular with holidaymakers not only for surfing because of its ideal beaches. There is also no shortage of interesting sights in San Diego. According to, San Diego has a population of 1,223,400. Balboa Park The San Diego… Read More »

Hiking and Backpacking in Peru

Experience the ancient capital of the Inca people, Cuzco, and join a five-day trek to Salkantay and Machu Picchu. Then you can travel around Peru on your own. After arriving in Lima, you will fly on to Cuzco, where you will be picked up at the airport and spend your first three nights in a centrally… Read More »

Bosnia and Herzegovina Politics and History

Administration Bosnia and Herzegovina consists of the largely independent parts (entities) of the Serb Republic (49% of the total area) with the capital Banja Luka and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (51% of the total area) with the capital Sarajevo. According to, the former is administratively divided into 62 municipalities, the latter into… Read More »

The Ultimate Hiking and Amazon Adventure in Peru

Join the adventure to the unknown Inca ruins of Choquequirao, hike along ancient incasas through the Andes to Machu Picchu and venture deep into the pristine part of the Amazon in Manu National Park. See map of Peru on directoryaah. This travel proposal is intended for active adventurers who want to visit areas in Peru… Read More »

Round Trip in Peru, Bolivia & Chile

Do you dream of hiking in the Andes, watching the sunrise at Machu Picchu, experiencing the amazing Lake Titicaca, exploring witch markets in La Paz, going on a four-wheel adventure through the Salt Rising or tasting Chile’s amazing vineyards? Then this adventure trip is for you. Visit best-medical-schools for more about Peru. This adventure trip offers lots… Read More »

The Ultimate Journey in Australia

With a combination of motorhome and rental car, you get the optimal experience – magical nature in the south, wilderness adventures in the outback, the world metropolis Sydney, Australian hospitality and beach breaks in Queensland. See history of Australia on Agooddir. The journey starts in Adelaide, where you can discover the city on your own… Read More »

Road Trip From Sydney to Cairns in a Luxury Motorhome

Enjoy the freedom of your own motorhome along the east coast of Australia. During the trip, cozy towns, outback, legendary beaches, lots of hiking opportunities, the world’s oldest rainforest and fantastic snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef await. Learn more about Australia on smber. In your own luxury motorhome you can get to all corners of… Read More »