3 Unbeatable Ways of Combining the White Pants

When we review proposals of the great fashion houses each season (with one year’s notice, because it sets the calendar of male shows), there are certain items that escape us by its punctuality. However, there are many that give a discreet to certain pieces that, unexpectedly, we ended up embracing touch as if we would never want to go. Such is the case of the white pants.

3 Unbeatable Ways of Combining the White Pants

We first saw it in 2016 w/v gateways, such as Calvin Klein, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Ermenegildo Zegna, Hermes, Balmain and Dior Homme. Either in total white or with a cutting close to the navy, attached to the tailoring style or sailing up to the end of the sportswear, has spread more than expected and hardly without noticing.

Soon after, with the final arrival of the season in which we find ourselves, fast fashion chains packed his coat racks with proposals tailoring, jogging, denim… We had no way out, we were going to wear white pants weather we’d like to or not.

The main problem is to become accustomed to a garment that we had forgotten and combine it according to the canons of the time we live in. For this reason, we take example of three advanced to our age that will mark us the way to bring back the snowy pants.

Look 1: David Beckham and sport proposition

Here’s a trick GQ: when don’t know what to mix with ponte denim. In this case it will be a shirt, as the player to travel. To not make more visual cuts in the look (which shorten our height), best choose for a footwear clear to keep pants color continuity.

Look 2: Kanye West and the sportswear in (almost) total-white

There is someone who dares to combine white pants and shirt, although it is rather risky (can get to look like a child’s communion if not done correctly). To not fail, better move in the palette of raw and toasted to complement it, as Kanye West does in most sport facet of this garment.

Look 3: Johannes Huebl and more fixed bet

It is no questionable that the model German photographer is one of the most stylish men and already demonstrated to us how to use these pants in way formal and completely updated: denim shirt following trick GQ (light blue in the case of not having it), navy blue blazer and add-ins to finish dark brown suede. An option arranged for summer nights that require a more strict code.