5 Men’s Fashion Items to Leave Aside the Prejudice

It’s fact that the masculine fashion has gained more and more space. But, among new trends and brands, some prejudices still resist. If you usually use blankets, you see no problem in wearing pink pieces and/or carries your stuff in a bag for men, OK, you can move on to the next story. But if any of these 29 items makes you flip your eyes, well, these tips are really for you: it’s time to find out that fashion is also a man’s business.

Overlay: Start already

You must have used it sometime in life, but the word “overlap” frightens. Nothing more than using three or more pieces together. The idea is to show even if there is an overlap of parts, then if the T-shirt bar appears, it’s no problem. A hint: Always look for colors that talk to each other and don’t worry about mixing textures. A white shirt with a flannel shirt and a denim jacket is a good option according to aparentingblog.

Check out: The sellers of the Spirito Santo shops (look below) are prepared to give tips on how to compose cool overlays.

Men’s Jewels

Far beyond the watches, men of different styles are realizing that there is value in including bracelets, rings and necklaces in the visual. The repertoire has increased and currently already found bracelets of different materials inspired by sports, cars and other elements of everyday masculine. Hint: For the most formal moments, always prefer the metal parts.

Check out: Recent release, the jewelry of the Eduardo Santos (photo below) are exclusively for the masculine public.

Scarf is part

The scarf is an antique piece in the male wardrobe and, oddly enough, still suffers a certain discrimination. It’s time to lose the prejudice! Opt for a piece that makes you comfortable: some fabrics irritate the neck because of the beard, but there are scarves of various fabrics, sizes, colors and prints for you to choose. If you still have doubts, the suggestion is to start with pieces of color like black, gray and navy blue, which are discreet and are fine with everything.

Check out: The Siberian (photo below) has scarves of different fabrics and prints, with many choices for those seeking something more discreet and sober.

Rosa is a man’s thing, yes Sir

Let’s combine: It was time in which Rose was girl color and blue boy Color. The proof of this is the men’s store macaws, where they find pieces in shades of roses.

It’s an elegant, relaxed color that draws attention. A good start can be a pink tie in a social costume. You want another motive? From what I’ve heard around, women like color and find attractive men who wear pink.

Check out: In the photo below, a reserve shirt

Scholarships are not just for women

The day-to-day rush forces us to carry a lot of junk out there. Be gym clothes, keys, wallets, boots, cellphones and what else your routine ask. So today there is a variety of handbags and knapsacks for men, both hands, backs, shoulders or to use in tow. So, put aside the idea that scholarship is not a man’s thing and choose the one that suits you most.

Check out: The handbags and backpacks of Cutterman are inspired by a lifestyle based on the roads and adventure.

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