5 Tips on How to Use Camouflage without Exaggeration

Militarism in menswear has passed long ago the stage “trend”, it being possible to say that the elements that define an outfit and the military (among them the pattern of camouflage) are already deeply rooted in the lifestyle of man and the insignia, patches, martingales and colors linked to the army present in our wardrobe prove this statement in a way almost irrefutable.

5 Tips on How to Use Camouflage without Exaggeration

When the subject is camouflaged I’ve noticed that a large portion of the male audience has a little bit of afraid of using it and pass a certain “aggressiveness” look that is not common to their style and, let’s face it, the massive use of this pattern in the military can really be shocking or a chance excessive, limiting its use or even causing fear in the man more discreet. In this case it is important to know that there is how to join the army without opinion that the subject is doing a cosplay from the game “Call of Duty”, see below for five tips to assist:

1 -be Careful with the size of the picture

Some parts may not stay very well with the camouflage spots large, search for a picture of a minor is one of the ways to make a look sophisticated without being gaudy.

2 – Color suited to your style

There are camouflaged in the most diverse colors, the traditional olive green and its variations is just the tip of the iceberg, between the pink (I’ve seen a lot in women’s fashion!) and the purple choose a floral print in light gray, or by using soft shades of green, is nice and does not call so much attention. It is also possible to go the other way, buy a piece in colors so dark that the camouflage becomes discrete. This works well with trousers and blazers, in fact, I recently saw one of this type in Zara as well interesting.

3 – Only one piece at a time

Avoid carrying in the military, if you’re already using a pair of camouflaged there is no need of a shirt or even a hat printed with the same, the trick is to transform it in detail and not in the main theme.

The photo featured at the top of this post is also a good example of camouflage combined with the basic pieces.

4 – Add pieces of discrete

Who is already with a jacket “camo” (as they say the yankees) can soften the look with a pair of trousers in a tailor shop, a basic t shirt or the one dark jeans that goes well with everything, in this way the footprint of the military gains prominence, but the visual is not loaded!

5 – Merge the styles

Pants camouflage shirt, military, and coturno? Where you parked the tank? Be creative, merge the military with classic pieces, vests, oxford shoes, and ties, making your own style. It’s also worth testing some sports items and see what happens, do a bit of experimentation never killed anyone.