70’s Jewelry: The True Evolution of Artists

I love creating something useful and necessary for our subscribers! Recently, one of our subscribers has asked if our blog could talk about jewelry from the 70’s.

And I’m very happy about that. Because I find it incredibly inspiring. And most importantly: beneficial for us.

Maybe the 70’s fashion can also come back. Or we have already seen something of that time in the current collections.

This decade combines many styles: ethnic, classic, romantic, folk, hippie, sport, military, safari, disco, unisex and even punk. In general, there is much to inspire us. However, many designers and fashion gurus do not perceive this era of style seriously. They simply have mixed without thinking about themselves, all those things that have been successful in the last decades.

The fact is that in the 70’s and the twentieth century, the nature of modern fashion has changed significantly. Fashion has stopped dominating us, so each group of consumers has opted for the style that matches their aesthetic opinions. And that is why this trend can return to the scene of the fashion world. From those times, concepts like avant-garde and kitsch came to us. It was a true evolution in the possibilities of artists. Do not you think we should get back into that atmosphere? Is not it better for the process of creativity?

Incongruous Combinations

The romantic jewelry of the 70’s, was characterized by freedom, variety of colors and the mixture of different styles. Therefore, the first most important rule of the 70’s was incongruous combinations . There were also combinations of different styles, like punk and boho.

Leather Jewelery

At that time the fashion had a mix of glam rock and disco styles. As well asabundance of skins, bright colors, exaggerated forms and unbridled joy. If you are not afraid of such a style, then the 70’s jewelry is perfect for you. In one of my previous posts on the 2017 winter jewelry, I mentioned the skin colored in bracelets.So, I suggest you start with the latest Fendi collections.

It was not important what kind of person you were, your social status or the amount of money you had in your bank account. The laws and restrictions were gone. Time Magazine wrote, “Create your own fashion, like in 1970, that’s exactly what is fashionable now. In those days, almost everyone could become fashion designers. And the same is happening now. Every week I’m talking about these trends, but I’m also trying to involve some young and unknown eras in this field.

Extravagant Pearls

Necklaces, earrings and bracelets with pearls, entered the jewelry of the 70s. The pearl bracelets were of great honor and had a wide variety. The long earrings with large pearls of today is a trend inspired by the 70’s. Pearls can be real or fake.


The key concept in the 70’s was “antifashion” and allowed to wear anything. The only condition was to look different, but, at the same time, everything had to combine perfectly. This is the jewelry that every fashionista should have in his chest:

  1. Puset earrings: They could have white or yellow gold with diamonds, semiprecious stones or transparent crystals.
  2. Earrings with different metals: The shape had to be classic and could be in small rings.The metals were yellow and white.
  3. Earringsfor cocktail dresses.
  4. Delicate pendants with thin chains: White or yellow metals and chains with different pendants were used.
  5. Long chain with pendant or small decorations: This style always fell below the chest.
  6. Combined necklace: Could be made from various materials, natural or artificial, such as: metals, stones, plastics or fabrics.
  7. Cocktail Ring: It could have a stone or several stones, with an unusual geometric shape.
  8. Neutral ring (or several rings): Minimalist, with small stones or without stones, made of white or yellow gold.
  9. Large metal bracelet.
  10. Mens watchor some minimalist accessory.

Modern Jewelery

But if you feel bored and just want to find inspiration among the collections of contemporary designers, I advise you to study the creations of Gucci. For the collections of 2015 and 2016, the designer Frida Giannini was based on the bohemian style of the early 70’s, the favorite time of Kate Moss. But the most important features of the 70’s in Gucci accessories are bows and flowers. This style could be in a brooch, choker or a thin scarf. Such an accessory could become indispensable in the look dedicated to that decade.

Jewelry for the hair:

In those days, women worried about the importance of a daily change of hairstyle.Not only was attention paid to clothes or make-up, but also to hair. Jewelry was an integral part of any hairstyle, but the most important accessory was the comb-shaped hairpin. This piece could have any shape and could be used anywhere on the hair. After all, fashion was strange, unusual and provocative.


And usually only two types of brooches were allowed: large and caricature, the main materials could be pearls or shiny stones. These brooches were quite expensive and could be used two at a time. So they used them in almost everything: coats, jackets, dresses and even shoes. The tendency to wear brooches in non-traditional places came from the 70’s. Now we can find them in trousers, coats and shirts.

Gypsy Style:

The gypsy style came into fashion in the 1976/77 season. This style is characterized by exuberant pieces of jewelry with chains, beads and necklaces of coins (neck adornment, which consisted of a chain with crosses or coins).