9 Infallible Tips for Choosing the Bride’s Comfortable Shoes

If poorly chosen, the shoe instead of dreaming can become a nightmare for the bride. See how to choose the best model for every second of the party with great elegance and comfort

The shoe is one of the top items in a bride ‘s checklist.Finding a model that combines beauty with comfort and, at the same time, matches the rest of the look may not be an easy task.

The variety of shoes is great and this further increases the doubts of the bride.But, what should be taken into account when choosing the ideal model?See the tips we’ve gathered so you can feel like walking the clouds on the most important day of your life!

  1. Match the shoe with the wedding dress

Although it seems just another accessory, the bride’s shoe is very important for the Big Day. Juliana Bicudo, designer of shoes, says that this step should be carefully planned as it is very private.

Some points that can help, in addition to matching the shoe with the dress, makeup, accessories and hairstyle of the bride, is to think about the height of the bride and groom and the time / place of the wedding, checking which type of shoe is more favorable for the occasion. At this moment, aesthetics should not be the sole guide of the bride:she should prioritize the comfort of the feet.

  1. Pay attention to the height of the jump

In order for the height of the couple to be balanced on the altar, the bridegroom’s height should be taken into account when choosing the heel . According to Karen Cappelletti, creative director of New Bridal Shoes, it is important for the bride to have several options in this regard. The store offers from sneakers to jumps between 5cm and 14cm.

For Juliana Bicudo, it is interesting that inexperienced novices in high heels choose models with up to 6cm in height. “To stay the entire celebration over the jump is necessary to dedicate a time in the choice of the shoe. Using a comfortable size, the bride may not arrive at the time she wanted, but the whole party will be elegant, “he says.

  1. Tricks to ensure comfort

The purpose of enjoying an entire party (ceremony, poses for photos, greetings and dances) requires comfortable shoes for both grooms.A very common mistake is to let debut the model chosen on the day of the party.

“The shape of the shoe is unique, while the feet have individual characteristics. We recommend that the bride wear her shoes a few days before when she arrives home at night when she has slightly swollen feet. This procedure gives special comfort on the day of the event, “says Karen.

Accessories such as insoles, protectors and heels can also be allied in this regard.

Some materials, such as pelica, fine leather used in the making of shoes, usually adapt to the feet. According to Juliana Bicudo, who uses this material in his creations, after being laceado, it usually yields in the ideal measure, leaving the shoe more comfortable.

  1. Models

Many models are available to brides. Karen says that the darling of her clients is the Peep toe. She risks saying that the reason is the Brazilian climate, which requires a more airy shoe. Other popular models are the half-paw and platform, which have a more comfortable structure, and shoes lined with satin. “Classic brides keep opting for Scarpin, even without the comfort of their paws, ” he says.

Another option much sought by the brides is the strip Salome. Juliana Bicudo explains that this strip model, located on the instep, gives the shoe a very feminine look.

The model can also be chosen according to the location of the event. Open environments such as beach and countryside, have more irregular floors and ask for heavier jumps, such as the trapeze.

As for the finishes, there are shoes for all bridal profiles:from the simplest, without many details, to the most extravagant, with materials such as lace, pearls, glitter, applications and brilliance.

  1. Coloring the feet

When we think about the color of the shoe, we no longer have white as the only option. Many brides already choose to wear a colorful model on their wedding day.

An interesting way to choose the right color is to use the bride’s skin tone as a guide. According to Juliana Bicudo, the model and the color of the shoe can be the starting point for choosing the ideal dress. For the most insecure brides, it indicates to taste the shoe along with the wedding dress.

” Shoes no longer need to be lined with the fabric or lace of the dress, nor should they be white or off-white.They can be skin tone, old gold, old silver, oats, with embroidery applications, bicolour or colored, why not?”, Says Juliana.

  1. Custom

Handcrafted and custom shoes are options for brides who want something unique. In addition to having a handmade line for brides, with models that feature details in embroidery and a red heart painted on the sole, the designer Juliana Bicudo also works with customization of models.

“There are several stages of creation and development to compose the making of an original model:studies, sketches and drawings; Development and pilot test (prototype); Modeling correctness; Choice of finish and production of the final model approved for use. The whole process can take up to 3 months, ie we can not meet brides who decided at the last minute to produce an exclusive shoe for the Big Day. I believe that for this reason, most of our brides decide for the models ready delivery – ready to get married! “, Says Juliana.

  1. Prices

The values ​​of the shoes are very varied. It is possible to find national models starting at R $ 199,00, and the handcrafts are found starting at R $ 600,00 . The personalization service costs from R $ 4,000.00.

Even with so many national options, some brides opt for an imported model. This choice requires a bigger investment, since models of famous brands like Jimmy Choo, Alexander McQueen, Tabitha Simmons, Valentino, Christian Louboutin and Tabitha Simmons have a higher value.

  1. Care
    It is interesting to choose the material and color of the shoe thinking about the dress. Very different materials can make the look less harmonious. “If the dress is embroidered with rhinestones, it is best not to mix another type of pearl in the shoe, like pearls,” says Karen Cappelletti.

It also draws attention to non-slip models. Some are dangerous because, when they break the steps, they can cause tumbles. “Choose to give a slight scratch on the sole, just not to slip on the carpet or ceramic floor,” he says.

Another tip is to check if the tamper will not damage or interfere with the trim of the dress and even cause accidents if you wrap yourself in the fabric.

  1. Beyond the wedding party

In addition to composing the look of a special day, the shoe can become an eternally striking object for the bride. The tip of Juliana Bicudo is to choose a model that can be used on other occasions. That way, the bride will have a shoe to wear at special times throughout her life. “Another important detail is to never forget to get on the right foot, whether with heel shoes or not, off-white or bicolor, with thick or thin heels!”He says.