One of the trends of the summer and, thanks to the film the Great Gatsby, is the 20’s style. Flappers, Glitters, Ruffles, fringe, sequins, bob cut hairstyle and long jazz represent that era. If you want to become an authentic flapper never miss our suggestions.

Twenties adds a style dress for a wedding or an event, you’ll be the Queen of the party and will be different from most people. Supplements are very important, you opt for shoes heel of retro style and aires art deco jewelry. And if you prefer just a touch twenties, settle on a shiny top.

  • Dress with yellow fringes of ASOs, per 159,06 EUR.
  • Dress in cream colour with fringes of French Connection, 57 euros.
  • Dressed in grey with bright beads midi’s MissSelfridge, for 115 euros.
  • Color Mint with flowers and beads top and TopShop, 47 euros.
A Dress Flapper to Shine [50 Favourite Spots of Summer]