Accessories Spring-Summer 2009: Bimba & Lola

One of the clear strengths of the Galician company Bimba & Lola, they are the Add-ins: These make up the bulk of their collections, and it is the variety of shoes, bags and accessories We provide season after season is considerable.

Their prices are cheap enough to be accessible to almost all and expensive enough that not everyone take them, moreover, within its possibilities the catalogue is vast but not infinite, and although each day they spread more, and will maximize the chances of encountering the same bag, shoe, or cuff, continue to be exclusive within the lowcost.

The catalogue of bags It is vast and there are options of all types. One of the models that more triumphs (and more exits in magazines), is the model wallet with bow (on cover), which exists in all colors and different materials.

The de long, metal chain, “Chanel format”, in plan retro but classic, they are other people more like me.

Next in Candy-colored leather e hippie-inspired (attention to the peace symbol) like this.

Or the type bag in pastel.

In the field of shoes, There are true gems. My Favorites are these type swag taupe colour and wooden heel I love! And there are also color coral and mustard.

The same thing that these Sandals huge heel, to large strips in hazelnut color.

Although great for these Roman Peach in Garish colors and metallized leather leather.

The section of Accessories Bimba & Lola, is very large. It is the perfect place to find a gift plan portfolio, purse, scarf or bracelets such as the one in the photo, or complete a look with their necklaces, rings or bracelets.

And they have everything, and for all tastes: from belts;

through original necklaces macramé;

or Multicolored stones;


keychains in the form of pink;

and up to Headbands it fit in perfectly with the style of Blair Waldorf.