Alexander City, Alabama Population, Schools and Places of Interest

By | April 17, 2023

The city of Alexander City is surrounded by a number of other small towns and cities, each with its own unique character. To the north lies the small town of Kellyton, a quiet and quaint community with winding roads and a slower pace of life. Just beyond Kellyton is Jacksons Gap, a larger town that serves as a hub for local businesses and services. To the east is Dadeville, which offers visitors plenty of outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, swimming, and boating on Lake Martin. Further south is Eclectic, home to eclectic restaurants and shops that cater to travelers from all around the world. Finally, to the west lies Goodwater, an old-fashioned town with an abundance of history yet modern amenities. All these cities offer something unique for visitors to Alexander City – whether it’s a relaxing getaway or an exciting day trip filled with adventure!

Alexander City, Alabama

Population of Alexander City, Alabama

Alexander City, Alabama is a small city located in central Alabama with a population of approximately 15,000 people. The population is diverse and includes individuals from all walks of life. The majority of the population is white, followed by African American, Hispanic, and Asian.

The city has a relatively young median age of 32 years old, with nearly half of the population between the ages of 18-34. The median household income in Alexander City is $36,500 and the poverty rate is slightly higher than the state average at 22%.

Education levels are also slightly lower than the state average in Alexander City. Approximately 25% of adults have achieved at least a bachelor’s degree compared to 30% statewide.

Overall, Alexander City provides a welcoming community for residents and visitors alike with its diverse population and variety of amenities. From outdoor recreation to shopping and dining options, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant city!

Schools and Education in Alexander City, Alabama

Alexander City, Alabama is home to a number of excellent public schools and educational institutions. The Alexander City School System operates two elementary schools, one middle school, one high school and an alternative school. The district also has a strong focus on career and technical education, offering a variety of programs for students interested in pursuing a career in the trades.

The city also has several private schools including the Alexander City Christian Academy, which offers K-12 education based on biblical principles. Higher education is provided by Central Alabama Community College (CACC), which offers associate degrees and certificates in various fields of study. Check searchforpublicschools for Alabama public schools by county.

The Alexander City School System prides itself on providing quality instruction to all students regardless of their background or socio-economic status. The district employs highly qualified teachers who are committed to helping their students succeed academically and develop into responsible citizens. The district also provides access to technology through its 1:1 laptop program which ensures that all students have the opportunity to acquire 21st century skills.

Overall, Alexander City provides an excellent educational environment for its citizens with its strong public school system and institutions of higher learning. With quality instruction and access to technology, Alexander City’s students have the tools they need to succeed both in the classroom and beyond!

Places of Interest in Alexander City, Alabama

Alexander City, Alabama is a vibrant city with plenty of places of interest for visitors and locals alike. For outdoor enthusiasts, the city offers a variety of parks and trails for hiking, biking and fishing. The Wind Creek State Park is especially popular with its scenic lake front views, camping spots and picnic areas. The city also has several golf courses including the Willow Point Golf & Country Club which offers 18 holes of championship golf.

The historic downtown area of Alexander City is full of charm and character. Visitors can explore the area on foot or take a trolley tour to learn more about the city’s history. There are also several unique shops, restaurants and galleries in the downtown area offering everything from antiques to local art.

The Alexander City Arts Council provides numerous opportunities for residents to enjoy art through its various exhibits, performances and classes throughout the year. Music lovers can visit the Ritz Theatre for live concerts featuring local musicians as well as nationally-recognized acts.

Overall, Alexander City has something for everyone from outdoor activities to art galleries and live music venues. Whether you’re looking for a quiet afternoon in nature or an exciting night out on the town, you’re sure to find something that appeals to your interests in this vibrant city!