All About Bahrain Country

By | May 18, 2022

Brief information

More recently, foreign tourists have heard practically nothing about Bahrain. However, thanks to the huge reserves of oil and natural gas, this country has awakened from a medieval lethargy and is now developing at a rapid pace. In Bahrain, luxury tourist complexes are being built, as well as infrastructure facilities. If we add to this the bright sun and the warm sea, it becomes clear why up to 10 million tourists come to this country every year.

Geography of Bahrain

Bahrain is located on the archipelago of the same name in the Persian Gulf in Southwest Asia. This archipelago consists of 33 islands, the largest of which is the island of Bahrain (55 km long and 18 km wide). Saudi Arabia is located 16 km east of the Bahrain archipelago, and Iran is located 200 km to the north. The total territory of this country is 750 sq. km.

More than 90% of the territory of Bahrain is occupied by deserts. Arable land makes up only about 3% of the territory of this small state. The largest peak is Mount Jabal ad Dukhan, whose height reaches 134 m.


According to, the capital of Bahrain is Manama, which is now home to more than 150 thousand people. The history of Manama, according to historians, dates back to at least the 14th century.

Official language

In Bahrain, the official language is Arabic, belonging to the Semitic group of the Afroasian language family.


The majority of the inhabitants of Bahrain are Muslims (more than half of them are Shiites), but there are also Christians (about 10%).

State structure of Bahrain

According to, Bahrain is an absolute monarchy with the King as head of state. Royal power is hereditary.

The bicameral parliament in Bahrain is called the National Assembly (al-Jam’iyyah al-Watani), it consists of the Shura Council (40 members) and the Council of Representatives (40 members). The members of the Shura Council are appointed by the King, and the deputies to the Council of Representatives are elected in single-member constituencies for 4 years.

Because the power of the King in Bahrain is absolute, it is not surprising that there are no political parties in this country.

Climate and weather

The climate in Bahrain is tropical and dry. It is very hot in summer, rare rains fall in winter. The average air temperature is +17C. The highest average air temperature is observed in August (+38С), and the lowest – in January (+15С). The average annual rainfall is 76 mm.

The best time to visit Bahrain is from February to April and from October to December.

Sea in Bahrain

The state of Bahrain is located on 33 islands in the Persian Gulf, which eventually connects to the Indian Ocean. The total coastline is 161 km. The sea near the coast of Bahrain is shallow, and therefore warms up very well. In November, the average sea temperature off the coast of Bahrain is +25C, and in March – +23C.


Islam has had a decisive influence on the formation of the culture of Bahrain. The inhabitants of this country celebrate all Islamic holidays. Eid al-Adha is celebrated during the pilgrimage to Mecca.

On a grand scale, Bahrain celebrates the Islamic New Year – Muharram, as well as Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr, Milad al-Nabi, Ashura. During some of these holidays, tourists can see a unique spectacle – racing camels.

Bahrain cuisine

The cuisine in Bahrain is traditional for the Arab countries. The main food products are fish and seafood, meat, rice, dairy products.

Tourists in Bahrain are recommended to try “Machbous” (fish or meat with fish), “Muchammar” (brown sweet rice), “Baba ghanoush” (stewed eggplant with garlic, sesame and yogurt), “Shawarma” (lamb or chicken wrapped in flatbread), “Sambousa” (pies with various fillings).

The traditional soft drink is coffee (“gahwa”), often made with cardamom. Despite the fact that the people of Bahrain profess Islam, this does not prevent them from drinking “arak” (grape vodka flavored with anise).


In Bahrain, tourists, if they suddenly get tired of relaxing on snow-white beaches, can make interesting excursions. This country has beautiful Arabic architecture, mosques, ancient forts, ancient temples and ancient necropolises. The top ten attractions in Bahrain, in our opinion, include the following:

  1. Kalat Fort in Manama
  2. Al-Khamis Mosque in Manama
  3. Ruins of the Temple of Barbar
  4. Al Fateh Mosque in Manama
  5. Fort Arad in Manama
  6. “Royal graves” near A’ali
  7. Abu Mahir Fort on Al Muharraq Island
  8. Seyadi’s house in Manama
  9. Fort Kalat-Arad on the island of Al-Muharraq
  10. Pearl Museum

Cities and resorts

The largest cities in Bahrain are Muharraq, Riffa, Madina Hamad, Avali, and, of course, the capital is Manama.

Almost the entire coastline of Bahrain is a long beach. Some sections of this beach are sandy, while others are sandy-shelly. The best are private beaches owned by hotels.

If you are in Bahrain, pay attention to the following beaches: Al Zallaq (located about 5 km from Manama), Sheiks beach, Coral Beach Club, Novotel Al Dana Beach, Ritz-Carlton Beach, Marina Beach Club and Bahrain Yacht Club Beach. All these beaches have excellent conditions for recreation and water sports.


Tourists from Bahrain usually bring handicrafts, ceramics, jewelry, coral beads, carpets, pearls, hookahs, coffee pots, spices, sweets.

Office Hours

Sun-Thu: 07:30-14:30

Shopping centers in Bahrain are usually open from 10:00 to 22:00, and bazaars from 08:00 to 20:00 (lunch break is from 12:30 to 16:00).


A visa for 14 days is issued upon arrival at the airport.

Currency of Bahrain

The Bahraini dinar is the official currency in Bahrain. Its international designation is BHD. One Bahraini dinar = 1,000 fils. Most hotels, restaurants and upmarket shops accept all major credit cards.

Customs restrictions

You can import foreign and local currency (however, as well as export it) to Bahrain without any restrictions. It is forbidden to import magazines and books that are contrary to Islamic norms.

Useful phone numbers and addresses

The interests of the Embassy of Bahrain in Ukraine are represented by the Embassy of Bahrain in Russia:
Postcode: 109017, Moscow, st. Bolshaya Ordynka, 18/1 Т:
(495) 953-00-22

The interests of Ukraine in Bahrain are represented by the Embassy of Ukraine in the UAE:
Abu Dhabi, UAE, Medinat Zayed area, POBox 45714
T: (8 10 9712)
632-75-86 Email:

Emergency numbers
112 – all emergencies
199 – Traffic police


The difference with Ukrainian time is +1 hour. those. if in Manama, for example, it is 09:00, then in Kyiv it is 08:00.


Tipping in Bahrain is optional. However, most local restaurants leave 10-15% of the bill for tea.

The medicine

Doctors recommend tourists before traveling to Bahrain to make several preventive vaccinations (against typhoid fever, diphtheria, hepatitis A and B, tetanus).


The crime rate in Bahrain is low. Tourists sometimes become victims of pickpockets. Reasonable precautions will not be superfluous. Before traveling to Bahrain, find out about the political situation there.

All About Bahrain Country