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By | May 19, 2022

Brief information

Pakistan has a fascinating history. In the Indus Valley, one of the most ancient civilizations in the world was formed long ago. Pakistan was at the crossroads of the trade route between India, China and Ancient Rome. Unfortunately, due to the religious and political situation, it is not very safe for residents of Christian countries to travel around Pakistan. We hope that someday tourists will be safe in Pakistan and they will be able to see the ancient monuments of this country with their own eyes.

Geography of Oman

Pakistan is located at the crossroads of South, Central and West Asia. Pakistan borders India to the east, Afghanistan to the west and north, Iran to the southwest, and China to the northeast. In the south, Pakistan is washed by the waters of the Arabian Sea. The total area of ​​this country is 803,940 sq. km., and the total length of the state border is 6,774 km

The plains are located in the coastal regions of southern Pakistan, and in the southeast is the Thar Desert. In the west and north-west of the country are the ranges of the Iranian Highlands, and in the north – the mountain systems of the Karakorum, the Himalayas and the Hindu Kush. The highest point in Pakistan is Mount Chogori, whose height reaches 8,611 meters.

One of the largest rivers in Asia, the Indus, flows through Pakistan. In summer, many Pakistani rivers overflow their banks due to rains and melting glaciers.


According to, the capital of Pakistan is Islamabad, which is now home to more than 1.2 million people. Archaeologists believe that people lived on the territory of modern Islamabad already 6 thousand years ago.

Official language of Pakistan

Pakistan has two official languages ​​- Urdu and English, as well as 7 regional languages ​​(Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi, Pashto, Saraiki, Hindku and Brahu).


About 97% of the population of Pakistan is Muslim, the vast majority of them are Sunnis.

State structure

According to, Pakistan is a parliamentary republic with Islam as the state religion. Its head is the President, elected for 5 years.

Parliament in Pakistan consists of two chambers – the Senate (100 senators) and the National Assembly (342 deputies).

The main political parties in Pakistan are the Pakistan People’s Party, the Labor Party of Pakistan, and the Pakistan Muslim League.

Climate and weather

The climate in Pakistan varies from tropical to temperate. In summer (including September), most of Pakistan is subject to monsoons – due to rains, floods often occur. The average air temperature is +23.9C. The highest average air temperature is observed in July (+41С), and the lowest – in January and December (+5С). The average annual rainfall is 489 mm.

Rivers and lakes

One of the largest rivers in Asia, the Indus, flows through Pakistan. In summer, many rivers overflow their banks due to rains and melting glaciers, which leads to floods. There are very beautiful waterfalls on some reservoirs.

One of the most beautiful lakes in Pakistan is the freshwater Kinjhar Lake, located near the city of Thatta.


The culture of Pakistan has its origins in the mists of time. Islam has had (and continues to have) a decisive influence on it. However, even before the advent of Islam, the territory of Pakistan became the birthplace of some ancient civilizations (in the Indus Valley). Pakistan was conquered by the ancient Greeks, Persians, Huns, Arabs, Turks. However, Pakistanis have always maintained their cultural traditions.

All Muslim holidays are celebrated in Pakistan – Ramadan, Navruz, Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Adha, etc.


Pakistan’s cuisine is as diverse as its people. We can safely say that Indian, Turkic, Afghan and Iranian culinary traditions have influenced Pakistani cuisine. The main food products are meat, vegetables, lentils, wheat, rice, dairy products. Spices are very common in Pakistan. In recent years, some Chinese and American dishes have begun to gain popularity in big cities.

In Pakistan, we recommend tourists to try “samosa” (fried meat with spices), “shish-kebab” (shish kebab), boiled lamb “dam-pakht”, meat with peas “kima-mattar”, rice with lamb “biryani”.

Traditional non-alcoholic drinks in Pakistan are tea (sometimes cardamom and nutmeg are added to it), cool lassi yogurt drink, sherbets, fruit drinks.

Sights of Oman

In ancient Pakistan, a large number of historical, archeological and cultural monuments have been preserved, dating back to the time of Alexander the Great. It is difficult to choose the best of them. However, the Top 10 most interesting sights of Pakistan, in our opinion, may include the following:

  1. Mongho Pir temple near Karachi
  2. Shah Jehani Mosque in Tata
  3. Mausoleum of Kuaidi Azam in Karachi
  4. Ranikot Fort in Hyderabad District
  5. Fort at Umarkot
  6. Mazum Shah minaret in Sukkur
  7. Temple of Var Mubarak in Rohri
  8. Badshahi Mosque in Lahore
  9. Archaeological site of Mohenjodaro
  10. Mausoleums of Ali Ashab in Bahawalpur

Cities and resorts

The largest cities in Pakistan are Karachi, Faisalabad, Lahore, and the capital is Islamabad.

There are several dozens of ski and mountain climatic resorts in Pakistan. In addition, Pakistanis love to relax on the shores of lakes and on the coast of the Arabian Sea (for example, Lake Kinjhar). The center of outdoor activities (rock climbing and mountaineering) in Pakistan is Concordia, which is located in the Karakoram mountain system.

Most of the tourists who come to Pakistan go there to conquer mountains with a height of 7-8 thousand meters.


Travelers from Pakistan bring women’s headscarves, Punjabi ceramics, embroidered linens, black onyx products, jewelry, wooden chess, caskets, pakul (male headdress), traditional Pakistani clothes, Khussa (traditional shoes), carpets.

Office Hours

Mon-Thu: 09:00-17:00 (on Friday – until 18:00)

Shops in different regions of Pakistan have their own business hours.


Ukrainians need to apply for a visa to visit Pakistan.

Currency of Pakistan

The official currency in Pakistan is the Pakistani rupee (international designation: PKR). Credit cards are not common.

Customs restrictions

You can import (or export) foreign currency into Pakistan without restrictions, but it must be included in the declaration. But the local currency cannot be imported (or exported) to Pakistan.

It is forbidden to import Israeli currency. It is forbidden to export antiquities from Pakistan.

Useful phone numbers and addresses

Address of the Embassy of Pakistan in Ukraine:
Kiev, st. Panfilovtsev per., 7
T: (044)
280-25-77 Email:

Address of the Embassy of Ukraine in Pakistan:
Pakistan, Islamabad, Street 18, F-6/2, House 20 Т.:
+10-92 (51) 27-47-32

Emergency numbers
15 – call the Police
115 – call the Ambulance
16 – call the Fire Brigade


The difference with time in Kyiv is +3 hours. Those. if in Islamabad, for example, it is 09:00, then in Kyiv it is only 06:00.


Tipping is not common in Pakistan. In recent years, many hotels and restaurants in this country, mainly in Islamabad, include a service charge on the bill.

The medicine

Doctors recommend vaccinating against typhoid, rabies, diphtheria, tetanus, polio, hepatitis A and B before visiting Pakistan.


The political and religious situation in Pakistan is such that it is quite dangerous for tourists to travel around this country.

All About Pakistan Country