All About South Sandwich Islands

By | May 19, 2022

Brief information

The archipelago of the South Sandwich Islands attracts tourists who want to get acquainted with the amazing nature of Antarctica. There are a lot of birds there (it’s not for nothing that the Important Bird Areas organization called the islands of this archipelago a “key bird area”), and whales, seals and elephant seals are found in large numbers in coastal waters.

Geography of the South Sandwich Islands

The South Sandwich Islands, a British Overseas Territory, are located in the South Atlantic Ocean, southeast of South Georgia. They are a subantarctic archipelago of 11 islands of volcanic (mostly) origin. The total area of ​​the South Sandwich Islands archipelago is 310 sq. km.

The largest islands of this archipelago are Saunders, Montagu and Bristol. There are several active volcanoes in the archipelago. The highest local peak is Mount Belinda on Montague Island, whose height reaches 1,370 meters.

The South Sandwich Islands are uninhabited. On the island of Tula from 1976 to 1982 there was a permanent Argentine research meteorological station. Now on several islands of this archipelago there are automatic meteorological stations.

Official language

Since the South Sandwich Islands belong to the UK, the official language there is English.

Climate and weather

The climate is subantarctic, cold, windy, cloudy. The air temperature is always near the freezing point. Most of the precipitation falls in the form of snow. From mid-May to late November, the ocean around the South Sandwich Islands freezes over. The most extreme air temperature is observed on the southern island of Tula – from -29.8C to +17.7C.

Culture of the South Sandwich Islands

There are no permanent residents in the South Sandwich Islands. Only in summer there are scientific expeditions. Therefore, it is impossible to talk about the local culture. But if you approach this issue from a formal point of view, then most of the non-permanent inhabitants of this archipelago prefer the English cultural tradition.


The few participants in scientific expeditions who come to the South Sandwich Islands, and the very rare tourists who get there, are happy to cook fish dishes for themselves. In local waters, icefish (common white-blooded pike), Patagonian toothfish, cod, and Antarctic krill (crustaceans) are found in large numbers. In principle, this is where the whole local cuisine ends.

Attractions South Sandwich Islands

As attractions in the archipelago of the South Sandwich Islands, you can consider nature, birds and mammals. Of course, the landscapes of these islands are unique. The Important Bird Areas (IBA) organization has named the islands of this archipelago “the key bird area” (there are a lot of rare birds).

Whales and seals can often be seen in coastal waters. In general, there is a very high level of biodiversity in the ocean around the South Sandwich Islands and South Georgia. The local ecosystem is considered to be very vulnerable as due to the low water temperature, it slowly recovers.

Cities and resorts

There are no cities or resorts in the South Sandwich Islands archipelago. There are not even permanent settlements. There are only a few year-round automatic weather stations, and in the summer there are usually several scientific expeditions that study the local nature and fauna.

Sometimes large cruise liners and small tourist yachts enter the surrounding waters. Tourists are attracted by unusual local nature, whales, seals, birds and fjords. Some tourists are interested in local fishing.


The official currency in South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands is the pound sterling (GBP).


Ukrainians to visit the South Sandwich Islands (as well as the South Georgia archipelago) need to obtain a visa (it is issued by the British Embassy or Consulate).


Behind Kyiv for 5 hours. Those. if, for example, in Kyiv 13:00, then on the South Sandwich Islands – 08:00.


As souvenirs, stamps, postcards with local landscapes, warm clothes, sweaters, hats, etc. are brought from the South Sandwich Islands and South Georgia.

All About South Sandwich Islands