Exclusivity is not already won even with an expensive suit, again and again the celebrities are seen with the same “unique” design and delight of critics, magazines and others because we always tend to weigh in on who wears it better.

Lindsay, I think that it happens often, because already the habiamos seen sharing another incredible Chanel mini-dress in black and white with the beautiful Cameron Diaz. In addition to being addicted to the designs of the firm, Lindsay also is black, so this minidress that shares with the exmodelo Claudia Schiffer is a basic.

The German wore it on his return to London last month, uniting it to thick black stockings and flat shoes also in black. Who needs more embellishment with this figure? In addition to that the mini-dress already brings added rolling chains that give the funk touch to the model.

On the other hand, Lindsay also added some black stockings, but lighter and their inseparable mary-janes from Miu-Miu. Could it be that it has been taken to heart be image of your signature? And I have to accept that while Claudia is much more striking and amazing dress for a hanger, this time Lindsay was that wore the black mini-dress with more style on the red carpet in Los Angeles a few days ago.

Another Chanel Mini-Dress: Claudia or Lindsay?