Antonio Bernardo Jewelry Come to Curitiba

Today the opening corner of jewelry Antonio Bernardo, in maison Bazaar Fashion. The franchised, Paola Malucelli’s Manager, receive guests and impose

ANTONIO BERNARDO-more than a jeweler, Antonio Bernardo is a designer.
Self-taught, he began creating jewelry in hardware store for goldsmiths and watchmakers of your father. Engineering student, if disillusioned with College and dropped his studies to dedicate himself to his creations.

As creator of about 2000 monthly parts, an atelier-workshop occupies several floors of a building in Jardim Botânico, Rio de Janeiro, Antonio Bernardo knows what he speaks. Its raw material is gold, silver and other precious minerals. Meet an audience who dreams of style and beauty. The mark of Antonio has grown so much in thirty years of existence, which today occupies the unique window displays in shops in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Brasília and Curitiba now according to Ezinesports.

Rio de Janeiro Leblon, the jewelry designer is an award-winning creator of small and meaningful works. Like to find in your plays fragments of life, of your life. Antonio Bernardo doesn’t follow trends or fashion, it creates issues with their creations. His work often deals with contemporary issues.

FOLDINGS and TEXTURES-the rings cycles, Expand and Celebration, recém-premiados in Germany and London, are also symbols of simplicity. Master of fittings, he likes to explore the limitless resources of the metal.

Antonio Bernardo is considered to be a reference to a market betting on a differentiated design to attract a new clientele.


Antonio Bernardo store opening

Date: 19/09/06 (Tuesday)

Time: from the 2:00 pm

Location: Bazaar Fashion

Address: AV. Sete de Setembro, 5,769-Batel