Arkansas Tourist Attractions

By | January 3, 2023

Special churches

Centennial Baptist Church in Helena
The Centennial Baptist Church in the city of Helena in eastern Arkansas was built in 1905. The Centennial Baptist Church is one of the best examples of Gothic Revival architecture in Arkansas. Since 2003, the church has been a National Historic Landmark. Unfortunately, since 2006 the church has been on the list of the 10 most endangered monuments.

Zoos, parks and amusement parks

Little Rock Zoo
The Little Rock Zoo in the city of Little Rock was founded in 1926 and today covers an area of ​​130,000 m². The zoo has 725 animals from over 200 species, making it the largest zoo in Arkansas. Highlights of the zoo include giraffes, grizzlys, pumas, warthogs, penguins, gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans, elephants, lions, tigers and rhinos.

Contact 1 Zoo Drive
Little Rock, Arkansas 72205

Garvan Woodland Gardens at Hot Springs
The Garvan Woodland Gardens is a botanical garden near the city of Hot Springs. The botanical garden is located on a peninsula that projects into Lake Hamilton and covers an area of ​​approximately 850,000 m². In addition to the flora of the region, the Garvan Woodland Gardens also offers a Japanese garden and a large exhibition of azaleas.

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Contact 550 Arkridge Road
Hot Springs, Arkansas 71913

Magic Springs and Crystal Falls in Hot Springs
The Magic Springs and Crystal Falls amusement park in the city of Hot Springs was opened in 1978 and is arguably the best amusement park in Arkansas. A total of 20 attractions are open to visitors, including 4 roller coasters and 2 water rides.

Contact 1701 E Grand Ave
Hot Springs, Arkansas 71901

National parks

Hot Springs National Park
The Hot Springs National Park is located on the edge of the small town of Hot Springs at the foot of the Ouachita Mountains. The national park was established in 1921 and today covers an area of ​​approximately 22.5 km². It is the smallest national park in the USA in terms of area. The national park is known for its 47 hot springs, which flow down the western slope of Hot Spring Mountain, which is part of the Ouachita Mountains, and are collected in several pools. In addition to the positive effects of bathing water, a visit is also recommended for those interested in architecture, as the historic bathhouses are advertised as National Historic Landmarks. Today, over 1.5 million people visit Hot Springs National Park annually.

Contact 515 Central Avenue
Hot Springs, Arkansas 71901

Road trips

Talimena National Scenic Byway
The Talimena National Scenic Byway is located in southeastern Oklahoma and western Arkansas. There the Talimena National Scenic Byway runs for about 87 km through the Ouachita National Forest and of course through the Ouachita Mountains. The trip in autumn is particularly impressive when the leaves are colored.
The winding road leads through one of the most beautiful parts in Oklahoma and along the route there are a total of 22 parking spaces and stopping bays in the most beautiful places that invite you to stop, look and be amazed. The main aspect of the Talimena National Scenic Byway is certainly the nature of the region, but there are also many cultural highlights along the way.
The Talimena National Scenic Byway has had the title of a National Scenic Byway since 2005. The route alone takes between one and two hours, but if you really want to see and see the sights along the way, you should plan at least 5 hours.


Nature reserves

Ouachita National Forest
The Ouachita National Forest is located in the west of the state of Arkansas and in the east of the state of Oklahoma in the mountain range of the Ouchita Mountains. The Ouachita National Forest was established in 1907, making it the oldest national forest in the southern United States.
The Ouachita National Forest covers an area of ​​approximately 7,221 km² and includes several smaller protected areas, 6 of which are wilderness areas such as the Black Fork Mountain Wilderness or the Upper Kiamichi River Wilderness. Since the area is of great scenic appeal, there are many other protected areas such as the Winding Stair Mountain National Recreation Area and State Parks and the huge forest area is very intact due to the low financial value of the wood. In the Ouachita National Forest mainly oak and juniper grow. The Ouachita National Recreation Trail is also about 309 km long and runs through the Ouachita National Forest. Furthermore, the Ouachita National Forest offers many opportunities for anglers and canoeists.
The Mountain Fork River, Caddo River, Little Missouri River and Ouachita River are all in the Ouachita National Forest. The Cossatot River, which is very popular for rafting, but is considered the most demanding river between the Smoky and Rocky Mountains, is located here. The Talimena Scenic Drive, a National Scenic Byway, also runs through the Ouachita National Forest.


Black Fork Mountain Wilderness
The Black Fork Mountain Wilderness is located in eastern Oklahoma and western Arkansas in the Ouachita National Forest. The Black Fork Mountain Wilderness covers an area of ​​approximately 53 km² and has not been visited very often. The protected area runs mainly along the ridge of the Black Fork Mountains, which reaches a height of up to 731 m. There are a few smaller trails in the park, but they are all located in the Arkansas area. The area is mainly covered with beech, oak and pine. With a little luck, hikers will see American black bears, white-tailed deer, bobcats, skunks or pheasants.

White River National Wildlife Refuge
The White River National Wildlife Refuge is an approx. 650 km² protected area in the east of Arkansas. The reserve was established in 1935 and is still a very important reserve for bald eagles, Canada geese, ivory woodpeckers, mallards and American black bears. The White River National Wildlife Refuge has a total of 356 lakes covering an area of ​​16 km². The protected area is classified as wetlands of international importance.


Hiking trails

Ouachita National Recreation Trail
The Ouachita National Recreation Trail is a long distance hiking trail in the states of Arkansas and Oklahoma. The Ouachita National Recreation Trail has a total length of approximately 359 km. Of these, 285 km run in Arkansas and “only” 74 km in Oklahoma. The Ouachita National Recreation Trail is fairly new because it was only completed in 2011. The Ouachita National Recreation Trail is primarily intended as a hiking trail, but a good 2/3 of the way can also be covered easily by mountain bike.
The Ouachita National Recreation Trail runs from Talimena State Park in southeast Oklahoma to Pinnacle Mountain State Park in central Arkansas. The Ouachita National Recreation Trail runs for a large part (309 km) through the Ouachita National Forest. Furthermore, the Ouachita National Recreation Trail passes the two nature reserves Flatside Wilderness Area and Upper Kiamichi River Wilderness. The best time of year to tackle the Ouachita National Recreation Trail from spring to late autumn.
Top attractions along the trail include Rich Mountain (the highest point of the trail), Wilhelmina State Park, Big Brushy Recreation Area, Blowout Mountain Scenic Area, Lake Ouachita, Iron Springs Recreational Area, Alum Creek Experimental Forest, Forked Mountain, Flatside Wilderness and Lake Sylvia Recreation Area.

Other natural beauties

Mammoth Springs State Park
Mammoth Springs State Park is located in northern Arkansas on the state border.

Mammoth Springs State Park