Arts and Culture in Texas

By | August 25, 2022

If you love art and culture, Texas is for you! The art and culture scene here is very lively. Between Amarillo and Brownsville, you’ll find countless art galleries and cultural centers, including some very notable museums. How about the barbed wire museum or the cowgirl museum? There is even a ‘Museum of Bad Art’, where only the worst art is welcome. In addition, during the year there are many festivals and exhibitions about the multifaceted heritage of the state.

Modern art

According to agooddir, art and culture is ubiquitous in Dallas, the absolute art city of Texas. Lovers of modern art have come to the right place. Dallas has a huge Art District. The 19-block building alone is a work of art in itself. Take a walk through the special neighborhood and admire the striking architecture. Also in Dallas is one of the most famous museums in the USA, the ‘Dallas Museum of Art’. The museum owns an extensive international collection that includes both ancient and modern art. In the walled sculpture garden you can see the work of classical and modern sculptors.

SXSW South by Southwest Interactive-festival

In March, Texas will be dominated by the South by Southwest Interactive (SXSW) festival. During this interactive festival, musicians, artists and other creatives from around the world gather in Austin to find inspiration and exchange ideas. The festival season is completed by the Austin City Limits Festival and the Austin Film Festival. Enough reasons to call the city the ‘Live Music Capital of the World’, but Austin also has plenty to offer in terms of art. The Languna Gloria art school offers space for emerging artists. There are audio tours that offer the opportunity to get acquainted with the work of these new artists.

San Antonio can be considered the beating cultural heart of Texas. The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, San Antonio Museum of Art, Witte Museum, The McNay, Nueva Street Gallery and the Whistle Stop Corner Art Studios & Residences are just a few of the countless top galleries and cultural centers the city offers.

In western Texas, near Big Bend National Park, is Marfa. This small town is known for its art galleries, such as the Marfa Contemporary. The Chinati Foundation is an active foundation in Marfa that manages, among other things, the art collection of the painter and sculptor Donald Judd, who died in 1994. In addition, there is a permanent exhibition of works by artist friends. The museum provides a unique context for exhibiting works of art. Art is found here in architectural spaces and natural situations rather than in the context of a building. The idea behind this is that art should not be isolated, but exhibited as part of life. Within driving distance from Marfa is the controversial artwork ‘Prada Marfa’. Many people stop to take a picture at this special ‘fake’ Prada boutique in the middle of the desert. Finally, in the month of July, there is the Marfa Film Festival, where films by emerging filmmakers are shown.

Staying in Texas

Texas has countless lodging options. For example, you can stay in one of the many hotels, campsites or lodges. Do you want to completely immerse yourself in the Texan culture? Then stay a few nights at a so-called ‘Dude Ranch’.

Overnight at a Ranch

A ranch introduces you to the real farm life of America in a unique way. Texas has numerous dude ranches, where guests are welcome to stay overnight and help out on the farm. Go on cattle drives and discover the area on horseback. It is also possible to camp outside, to fish and to prepare the tastiest dishes from the Texas kitchen on the farm. We highlight some of our favorite dude ranches.

Mayan Ranch

At the Mayan Ranch, half an hour’s drive from San Antonio, you imagine yourself in an authentic cowboy atmosphere. You are guaranteed to feel like a real cowboy here. After you wake up in the modern Western cabin, you sit down to the extensive breakfast. When you are completely satisfied, you can take a horseback ride through the mountains or along the banks of the river. In the afternoon you can relax at the pool. It is also possible to go swimming, play tennis, fish or go on the hay wagon. Have you not had enough of horseback riding yet? Then you can take another ride in the afternoon. The day ends with a delicious dinner buffet, after which you can dance until the late hours.

Dixie Dude Ranch

Beautifully located in the hills of Texas you will find the Dixie Dude Ranch. This rustic guest and cattle ranch, like the Mayan Ranch, is located just outside of San Antonio. The ranch is passed down from generation to generation. Activities at the ranch include horseback riding, covered wagon rides and traditional dances. Sports enthusiasts can also indulge themselves here. On the farm you can play basketball, volleyball and swim. You can walk in the beautiful landscape on one of the many nearby trails. The accommodations are fully furnished in western style. They offer peace, comfort and are equipped with all facilities.

Wildcatter Ranch

The Wildcatter Ranch is located in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. The turbulent history of the settlers, Indians and bison hunts can still be clearly felt here. You spend the night in real Western-style rooms. Moreover, the ranch is fully equipped; there is an infinity pool, hot tubs and even massages are offered. The activities that are organized are clay pigeon shooting, archery, covered wagon rides and, of course, horseback riding. You’ve come to the right place to discover the ‘Spirit of Texas’.

Arts and Culture in Texas