Everyone has, ever had or will still have a black jeans in the closet, right? The dark wash variation of “our everyday jeans” is already a classic of contemporary clothing. And this status is more than deserved! Besides being a basic joker, comfortable for day to day, this pant does wonders for the silhouette and dresses well all the biotypes and styles. Doubt? From the stripped down cool to the chic minimalist, let’s teach you three different ways to wear the black jeans.

Jeans black + white blazer + thin sandal

Long ago the jeans also entered the hall of chic pieces. If you like more stylish combinations, how about combining it with a blazer and fine sandals? The minimalist and sophisticated look is perfect to make that good impression!

Jeans black + sports t-shirt + top + flatform

Trend fan? Then you should know that the sports t-shirt and the top left the gym direct for the best looks of the season. To break the sporty climate the jeans is a great option, in addition to the metallized flatforms that complement the perfect combination to raze along with friends.

Jeans black + bomber jacket + lace collar shirt + scarpin

Sophisticated, tuned up and good-humored? The demand is to blend trends like the collar-lace shirt and the embroidered bomber jacket, wearing the neutral outerwear. Finalize with a classic scarpin, but do not forget to play with colors and textures!

Ask For Joker: Three Different Ways To Wear Black Jeans
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