Attractions in Greenland

By | October 13, 2021

Greenland – landmarks

Many people believe that Greenland is all about ice and snow. But that’s wrong, Greenland has many different sights and attractions of all kinds to offer. Visit rctoysadvice for Greenland Tour Plan.

If you are on holiday in Greenland, you should visit the Bratthild ruins in Qassiarsik. The ruins date from the year 1000 AD. It used to be the first church in Greenland to be built at the request of Erik the Red’s wife when she converted to Christianity. Today, however, only the ruins of the church remain.

For those interested in sacred buildings, the St. Nicolai Cathedral in Gadar is an absolute must. Today the church is the bishopric.

Even in Greenland you have to not miss museums . There is the Upernavik Old Town Museum and the Greenland National Museum in Nuuk.

Anyone who is out and about in Qassiarsik should definitely see the reconstruction of a Viking longhouse from the 10th century. There you can get an excellent picture of the customs and life of the ancient seafaring people.

There is also an Inuit Turf House in town, which is a reconstruction of a gray house from 1870. The Inuits, the indigenous people of Greenland, used to spend the winter in these houses.

The Santa Claus house in Uumannaq is something very special. It can certainly be exciting to visit the house, especially if you are on vacation in Greenland as a family with children.

Buildings with interesting modern architecture can also be seen in Greenland. The Nature Institute is definitely worth a visit. These are actually two buildings clad in Canadian cedar, both of which are connected by a glass hall that is open to the south.

The Katuaq Culture Center is also worth a visit. It has a triangular floor plan, the main criterion for the construction was that the light show of the area should be made tangible.

The city of Ilulissat should also be seen(formerly Jakobhavn). The city is also the birthplace of Knud Johan Rasmussen. The Ilulissat Kangerlua Glacier, which calves into the sea at a speed of 25 meters per day, is particularly exciting.

It is also worth taking a detour to Sisimiut town. There is the Bethel Church which was built in 1775. It is still well preserved to this day. In the vicinity of the city you can also visit the archaeological remains of the Sqqaq culture.

Those who like to hike can try their skills on the Sisimiut-Kangerlussuaq Trek. With a length of 150 kilometers, it is one of the most exciting hikes in the world as it leads past a fascinating ice landscape.

There are also many different natural beauties in Greenlandto visit, such as the Disko Bay, the Qeqertarsuaq, Savissivik or the Uunartoq Islands.

But something very special are the natural phenomena in Greenland, such as the midnight sun or aurora borealis, the northern lights.

Greenland – Health and Diseases

When traveling to Greenland, vaccination against tetanus, diphtheria and hepatitis A and B is recommended.

The very low temperatures, especially in winter, can pose a health risk.

Hospitals and dentists can be found in all Greenland cities. However, if you need special medication, you should bring it yourself, as some of them are difficult to get.
The European Health Insurance Card EHIC is valid for citizens of the European Union (EU) and EFTA and regulates reimbursement of costs and care in the event of treatment abroad. This insurance card is accepted for treatments in Greenland.

However, the EHIC does not cover repatriation in the event of an accident or serious illness. This service is only offered by private health insurers, so additional travel health insurance with repatriation insurance is recommended.

When you travel to Greenland, take a first-class travel kit with you.

In addition to my general disclaimer, please note the following important note:

A guarantee for the correctness and completeness of the medical information and liability for any damage that may occur cannot be assumed. You stay responsible for your healthy.

Greenland – important addresses

Greenland Tourism Copenhagen: Strandgade 91,

DK-1410 København
Phone: 0045 32 83 3880, Fax: 0045 32 83 3889
email: [email protected]

Greenland Tourism: PO Box 1615,

Hans Egedesvey 29, DK-3900 Nuuk, Greenland
Phone: 34 2820, Fax: 32 2877
email: [email protected]

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark: Asiatisk Plads 2,

DK-1448 København, Denmark
Telephone: 0045 33 92 00 00

Danish Polar Center: Strangade 102,

DK-1401 København, Denmark
Telephone: 0045 32 88 01 00

Honorary consulate of Germany in Greenland: c / o Greenland Tours, Elke Meissner,

PO Box 160, DK-00299 Ilulissat Postal
address: PO Box 160, DK-00299 Ilulissat, Greenland
Telephone: 94 4422, Fax: 94 4511
email: [email protected]

Attractions in Greenland