Apparently the wonderful sense of fashion from Lindsay Lohan and his infatuation total for the Leggings for several seasons, not to mention years has continued to be his reward as the leggings again this season. But do not create returning as always in his elastic texture and leaving the colors or metallics for figures and rock star or the catwalks.

On the contrary, the new style of Leggings for the Autumn-Winter 2008/09 they will be the of PVC. And believe or not it do not go so bad if you know that combine them. There are several celebrities who over time have known as taking them and have continued to disappear at all.

But just remember to Kate Moss at Glastonbury, a style that this year Daisy Lowe took without further complications that boots of water, a black t-shirt and a closure of the same color sweater.

Rihanna one of their items to his concerts has made them. Just the look with boots stiletto heel and a garment on top that is just as impressive. With that figure the singer can afford seem extremely dominatrix and still look like a good girl with that face.

That Yes, never think of wanting to take them to the Mischa Barton, because then the result is a leg of ham badly loin with feet of super hero of the years 80’s that short jacket emphasized even more. The best way to wear a tight PVC leggings is what take up.

It is a perfect balance as not show cleavage and legs at a time, but choose. So the PVC leggings going well to the style of Nicky Hilton or Mary-Kate Olsen with something longer above that you tune the figure, and avoid Mischa “jamón” Barton. You can achieve that they look phenomenal already is in a more sophisticated style or one more rocker.

Wrap pictures of Nicky makes sure the leggings aren’t the center of attention and gives a more serious touch to a garment very crazy. Always you can search dresses type camiseros or long in neutral tones as in Mary-Kate jerseys. For a touch more rocker can choose dresses or t-shirts oversized safely believe Rihanna in concert. Permitted to it that dominatrix look.

And finally, but not least, remember not to take them with boots, the best are some cage heels or some peep – toe or closed platforms that give a touch more trendy and not make you seem as taken from the latest film by the Marvel.

Autumn Trends IV: PVC Leggings