Last year was marked by some fashion skirts type cigarette case, which are difficult to carry poues conform demasiadoa figure, then there was a twist by amponas, circular, and shorter skirts. Combine them with t-shirts rock and towering heels was the tendency of the models.

However, this year the in for the autumn goes on a point halfway between the styling of the cigar and the feminine touch amponas skirts: cutting Tulip skirts. Straight, but wider in the hips, with pleats or darts that make the stomach area is conceals at the time which are marked by a thinner waist.

It is not to make you grow your hips, but that make your figure to see herself more hourglass. The point is to put up a detail that makes this effect is achieved in all figure. Tucked blouses or shirts they achieve this effect immediately, nothing maxiblusones out nor those blouses with spring at the waist, the touch is something that goes inside the waist and leave it free.

Even you can give still more centrality getting a wide belt to dial. But the point is to choose a beautiful for top blouse and make a good game. Rachel Roy It is a designer who has been characterized by Tulip designs in skirts which you bridna a touch of ultra-feminine designs. She uses the skirts with falines or clips in bright fabrics such as satin or silk shantug to give a touch of rigidity without being very static and mix them with ties at neck blouses or jackets opened and fitted with a belt.

The final effect is very elegant and very flattering to the figure, also gives a retro touch to the dress that I love. But if you’re looking for something less conspicuous, there are many Tulip skirts that come in black or grey oxford, so you can put a white shirt and give it a classic effect to the office, the modernist touch is it das with accessories.

My favorite is the of Miss Selfridge with a kind of deployment clasp perfectly imitating blades of tulips in a sort of shiny fabric that makes it ideal for day and with a more sophisticated top also for the night. Warehouse It also has a good selection with side folds that can even hide belly, because the risk of these skirts is to make it more.

Oxford grey of French Connection It goes well with intense colors that highlight it even think that you can mix color shoes and stockings as it is the current trend to give more prominence to the whole. I have also seen some in Mango, so there is no excuse to quen or yours look.

To Chanel It has its own proposal to the end with many layers of chiffon and satin that make it the most beautiful and feminine that I have seen so far. The model is in the collection Pre-otono 2008 and I think the best way to wear a Tulip skirt.


Autumn Trends VI: Skirts Tulip